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The Sydney Aquarium is a public aquarium located on the east side of the Darling Harbor in Sydeney, Australia. The aquarium is home to over 6000 different fishes and more than 650 differnet species of saltwater fishes.

Majority of the fishes that swim freely in the Sydney Aquarium are natives in Australian waters. The biggest attraction for the Sydney aquarium is a great replica of the great barrier reef found in the Australian coasts. Educational tours on the Sydney Museum teaches students the importance of the Australian barrier reef.

The other half of the Sydney Aquarium's biggest attraction is the tour of the see through underwater aquarium where visitors get to see the fishes in their natural habitat. One of the biggest thrill in the tour is chancing on a shark swimming above the aquarium.

There are several sections for visitors to check during trips to the Sydney Aquarium. The Southern rivers segment introduces tourists to the platypus habitat while the northern river sector focuses on the saltwater crocodile. Children and adults alike can also see the Dugong exhibit which is showcased on the ?Mermaid Lagoon?.

Penguins are placed and segmented on the Southern ocean sectors which also houses the open ocean oceanarium where all the sharks being taken care of by the Sydney Aquarium has been placed. The recreated Great Barrier reef on the other hand is focused on the Northern ocean. The Sydney Aquarium also has a seal sanctuary where the aquarium keepers take care of weak or injured seals.

The Sydney Aquarium is not just an aquarium as it also serves an educational facility for marine biologists and marine wildlife conservationist groups. The research area for the Sydney Aquarium has also been used by other universities around the world for studies with regards to marine wildlife. There are also some classrooms where kids can learn more about the lives of fishes under the sea with the help of this book.

Visitors of the Sydney Aquarium can also take a boat ride on the Northern Ocean area to see from a different perspective what the Great Barrier Reef might look like.
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