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Located at the famous Hollywood is the Museum of Death founded by the couple James Healy and Cathee Shultz. The entrance of the museum welcomes guests with the slogan ?Where the Stars End and the Darkness Begins? highlighted with the glowing Death Clock. Upon entrance, an introductory video of the process of human embalming is presented. To add to the scary impression, a room called Trocar Applicator shows some funerary customs. One of which is a scene of a corpse's body with a long metal rod stabbed through and through the body.

Basically, everything about the museum is about death ? from coffins, body bags, mortician instruments, execution devices, and morbid letters from murderers. The ambiance of the place is eerie. Some of the walls are accentuated with sands for a more realistic effect. Deadening acoustic sound also fills the air.

Entrance is paid per head and though the owners of the place do not prohibit minors but they recommend mature audiences. There are large photographs of dead people, a display of a cross-section of slice of the human head, and a pair of rotten hands.

Aside from the expected exhibits of typical funeral equipments, the Museum of Death visually depicts funeral exercises based on tradition. One of the educational videos shows the rites during a Jewish burial. A baby's casket is also displayed together with an adjacent video showing a real baby fitting into the wooden box. An x-ray photograph of a Siamese twin with conjoint chest is also featured.

The death of famous personalities are depicted in the museum.

The Blubeard of France

Henri Desire, popularly known as The Blubeard of France was executed in 1922 for being responsible for the disappearances of over 200 women. His guillotined head is now displayed at the pedestal of the Museum of Death.

Helter Skelter

One of history's most hideous murderer is Helter Skelter. James and Cathee are able to collect and arrange photos of the famous Tate-LaBianca murder scenes. Other murder photos include Hollywood murders such as the Black Dahlia.

Heaven's Gate Cult Suicide

The Heaven's Gate is a cult believing that the world will end with a massive destruction from the explosion of the Hale-Bopp comet. In 1997, 39 of its members committed suicide. The bodies were found neatly lying on their bed while wearing Nike sneakers. Forensics said that they died due to self poisoning. The Musem of Death replicated the actual scene with authentic bed from the old house, the same Nike shoes that one of the members wore, and the original purple hood by one of the Heaven's Gate Cult members.


John F. Kennedy's death is also given commemoration by the Museum of Death by displaying his head sculpture made in November 23, 1963. Adjacent walls have posted photos of the autopsy of JFK' body.

Animal Pals

Museum of Death also has a corner for deceased animals of unique characteristics and who were once owned by famous personalities. They are as follows: a two-headed chicken, Dr. Anton LaVey's feline Candy, and Jayne Mansfield's chihuahua who died in a car accident on June 29, 1967. All animals were stuffed to look as if they are alive.

Art Gallery

Museum of Death houses unique art work from paintings, to photographs, to sculptures ? only that the subjects of there are morbidity or death. Among the collections are some drawings and paintings made by murderers from the time they are still living up to the time before their deaths, a self portrait of John Wayne Gacy called Pogo the Clown, and the pen scribbles of Son of Sam. Cathee said that they also wanted to feature deaths of the 9/11 but they realize that it would take them some time to finish all of it.
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