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Old Faithful Geyser of California Rating: None

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For some, it is fun watching heated water blasting in the direction of the sky originating from a rocky from a rocky formation underground. Some people may wonder how such a phenomenon could happen but for plumbers, it is a tough work to do. In geothermal studies, the water is a result of heated magma underground. It builds too much pressure then it pushes the water upwards.

California has an incredible geyser that pushes water every 45 minutes. This one is called California?s Old Faithful Geyserand oftentimes, tourist trips to the popular Napa Valley also come across with this attraction.

Before the actual eruption, people would hear noisy rumbling and gurgling underground. There are times that the eruption repeats consecutive times to as fast as 5 minutes in interval. The water can shoot as high as 180 feet. The manager of the site says that there are no pipes broken only the natural occurrence of precipitation affecting the water eruption.

Guests are provided with plastic chairs and are advised to situate themselves at a safe distance while watching the geyser for as long as they like.
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