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1981 CJ5 with Chevy 283 c/i V8 specs

Okay, sorry just learning how to post on this place. I put this question out there in another thread, but wanted to have an independant one for V8 Engine swap help. Anyone can slap a big engine in one of these, but to prepare the rest of the CJ for the increased...everything, it would be good to have some help. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Let's start with the bell housing and back to the tranny. What would be a long term solution for those two after the V8? I want this to have the capability of a day driver if I choose, but it needs to be able to handle everything a 400 acre farm can throw at it and then drive 600 miles. Besides Just Emptying Every Pocket, what would be the most cost effective setup for these two crucial items?
1981 CJ5 with Chevy 283 c/i V8 specs-chevy-283-v8-1981-cj5.jpg 


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Old 02-19-2011, 06:09 AM  
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I would think any V8 trans would stand up to a reasonable amount of power. Looks like you're running a SBC, so i would suggest a TH 350 (or TH400 if you can find one for a small block...) for darn near indestructible, or if you prize fuel mileage a little more and don't mind backing down a little, a 700R4 (overdrive trans)

I've heard that the 700R4 isn't the best for towing, but as light as you are, i don't know if youd really stress it that much...

Those are both computer free in the earlier years (pre 92ish?) so you wont need anything fancy.

Hope i didn't misunderstand your question... ME

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Im not too sure I understand your question, but if your wondering what tranny will work good then I would look at an SM465 or a ford toploader. There both super strong 4 speed manual's that will bolt up to most any T-case.
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