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Originally Posted by havasu View Post
I was told there are always two sets of invoices on a new car. One which could be provided if asked, and the other which doesn't leave the manager's office. Is this true?
Technically yes, but not how most people think it works. It's called a "holdback" which is the money held on the car to help ensure they don't lose money. This money is used for mostly making paychecks for the detailers, paying the service guys to do inspections and also gas put into the car once it's sold. There's a few other odds and ends the dealership has to pay, but the holdback is the money used for paying those bills.

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I just bought a new truck. I don't like dealers at all, or salesman, I don't like tricks and games. They get me PO'd, I hate buying vehicles because of it. Don't be afraid to stand up and walk out if you have ANY doubts or smell any BS at all. If they start doing the musical salesman game get OUT . One person, one deal, or bye-bye.

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I've given up on traditional car dealers. I just go to CarMax. They have very competitive fixed prices on new and late-model used cars. Here is a write up on my experiences with them:

The CarMax Buying Experience: No Fuss, No Muss, No Negotiating, Few Hassles

Otherwise, I'd look into buying programs from credit unions, CostCo, AutoBytel, and other organizations.

Finally, if I was buying from a dealer, I would make sure that my wife was completely in on the car selection, but that the negotiation was in my hands. She'd be left at home. No need for anyone to tell the sales dude that they are "in love" with the car. Then, I'd search the internet, know my prices, shop multiple dealers, and be completely ready to walk out. Take a stubborn jackass with you who thinks you are an idiot to buy a new car.

I'd be careful to say no to any extra stuff like dealer warrantees, stereo upgrades, GPS units, undercoating, and anything else that sounds like dealer jack. The one time I bought a new car, I asked for a stereo upgrade and I'm pretty sure they gave me the middle of the road stereo and charged me the premium stereo price. The mistake cost me about $400 on a $10,000 car.

Good luck!
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I appreciate all the advice. Please keep it coming because I am learning a lot and am sure many others will also benefit from this information!

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I always shop for the exact same vehicle at 3 or 4 dealers.
Make them compete.
I will gladly drive an hour or 2 to save thousands of dollars.
Never trade in your old car, sell it privately.
After there first offer, walk away, they will call you in a day or 2 with a much sweeter deal.

We do NOT need to raise taxes on the people. The government needs to spend less is the answer.
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