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Old 07-20-2014, 08:47 AM  
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No Child Left Behind or Common Core?

Okay, I read it. I'm kinda torn. NCLB is a federal program and CC is state. But, both seem to be a centralized system where parents are pretty well left out with no word at the local school board level.

Good or bad? I still haven't figured it out. But, here is the part of the article that caught my attention:

7. Subject Expertise of Teachers: Assured by School District or State Licensure Test Only

Under NCLB, states and local school districts were to ensure the subject expertise of all teachers (via an undergraduate major, a teacher license, or HOUSSE plan to ensure “highly qualified” teacher). Under RttT, teacher subject expertise is subsumed under teacher “effectiveness,” on the basis of which redistribution of teachers may take place if it can be determined that low-income students have a lower percentage of “effective” teachers than do other students.
Read more @ http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Governm...ld-Left-Behind

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Both were good ideas that don't work.

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Where in the Constitution does it give the Federal Govt the power to regulate education? Why is this not a state matter, or better yet a local issue.
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