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New Belt Buckle

I just got a new belt buckle for my grandson . . .he's 8 . . . what do you think?


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I like it but I'm less certain it will grab an 8 year old's interest. History interests us but no always the kids. Of course being the grandpa with the kewl jeep should get you some slack. I can actually remember when their sole purpose was to hold up your jeans.

It was only a matter of time until the LED belt buckles evolved to become full-fledged video playing belt buckles. And, it looks like Egokast was the first to get there. The company sells a belt buckle that happens to sport a video player with a 320 by 240 3.5 inch LCD screen. The player is detachable and can thus be used as a standalone video and music player, playing AVIs, MPEG4s and MP3s. The data is stored on SD media, with a 512MB card included in the package. Battery life is claimed a 4+ hours at full brightness, which is ample time for you to get the crap kicked out of you at whichever party you choose to show this thing off.

In case you?re a little uninspired as to what video is cool enough to display on your belt, Egokast has thought of you. Along with your purchase comes a DVD full of ?fragments? which you?re free to loop on the device; spinning words and swirly psychedelic graphics galore, which are sure to convince partygoers that you are indeed the coolest person there. You?re even given 6 months of free weekly fragment downloads, so your flava doesn?t get stale.

Price? $290, payable through Paypal.
OhGizmo! ? Archive ? Egokast Makes A Video Beltbuckle
New Belt Buckle-batman-buckle.jpg 

New Belt Buckle-bubble-gum-buckle.jpg 

New Belt Buckle-skull-mp32.jpg 

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New Belt Buckle-cowboy-cadillac-belt-buckle-1.jpg 

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New Belt Buckle-revolverbeltbuckle.jpg 

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As now most of the things can be found on net. The awesome collection of belt buckles can be found on web. The sites are providing different types of belt buckles of various brands.
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