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Relieving Stress--Abba

I recommend this.

'I Have to solve the problems of the world' and it's gets stressful.

If only everyone would be more like me--sigh--life would be much easier.

My dog and I took a long drive this am===from NE ATL to Braselton. We both relax and enjoy our trips --listened to 97.1 The River. The played some good tunes. The last one I recall was 'Bad to the Bone'---I can be bad to the bone if necessary. What else did I hear--a lot of oldies that I know well mid 60's t0 80's---'Come On Baby Light My Fire'--Hosea Feliciano---loved that one.
a lot of Fleetwood Mac ---so much better than what is currently played ---Lady Gaga--who can she be.

I love Beyonce--just got that CD--the girl can dance and write some good songs.

Why anyone needs 'professional help' I can't say---Listen to the music--you'll get some ideas. Then do something. That is all I know.

I listened to Cat Stevens a lot all through the 70's, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, 3 Dog Night ---it worked pretty well. Late 70's I began a blue grass phase---Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Eagles, Ben Dover and Tennessee Tucker, Local Group--still around somewhere in metro ATL. They could sing Rocky Top and Good Hearted Woman---at the Poet's Corner in Buckhead, I lived there at the time. '3's Company' segment of my life. Jim--tall, runner, blond ---lit major--sold electronic equipment/sound. He had my number---told me to 'F It and Forget It'---that works for me.

Analyzing--the Paralysis of Analysis. When the left side of my brain works too hard the right side takes over. cough--My Mother is a leftie---and utilizes the right/intuitive side well, too. A Drill Sergeant.

Then Dad, Mel Gibson, would get into our discussions and things really got interesting.
Best forgotten---I don't think I will ever forgive those 2. Marriage---it can work if both parties are somewhat developed---mentally and emotionally and can communicate effectively with each other. Those 2 --did the Rhett and Scarlett thing --or tried for Ashley and Melanie----neither model worked that well for them. My father was 8 years older than my mother-married at 18.
'Master of the House'----well, the Mistress of the House needs to say, 'Hey, Buddy---take it down a notch.'
As a product of the 2 of them---I am almost insane at times. My Mother sometimes calls me 'Sir'. I lol

I taught school for a couple of decades and the teachers would speak with authority to the principal---who really didn't care for that. A Marine. Once a command was given from the Board and he delivered the message--he didn't want to have any more problems.

'Flexibility'--I became the most flexible--he liked that. Then a Much More Assertive teacher was transferred from another school. She had a 'way' of communicating that he preferred. She would tell me her strategies for 'working him'---manipulator. When I think of that era of my life I could scream.

I now know that one quality I have is honesty and I can generally work with anyone in that way to facilitate progress. How wonderful am I?

How brilliant of me to notice this about myself. Never let anyone tell you that you are less than you are. My mother will always review the Checklists of needed improvements. Just like George Costanza's father on Seinfeld, 'Festivus for the Rest of Us'---I am like Chandler on Friends a lot of the time.
Poor Channie. Others days---pure Monica, then Phoebe, then Rachel, Joey and Ross. A lot like Ross---so misunderstood.

Abba---listen to Abba---a miracle cure for all the problems that afflict you.


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Addy, you are too far out, and I've posted about ABBA on this forum before with nary a comment at all. ABBA holds a special place in me, as I was just a kid then and their wonderful top of the line recordings were among the best in that day, with every attention to detail. I read recently, that the two gals couldn't speak English, and had to learn the words to the songs they sang. This is why the words are enunciated (Hope I spelled that right) so incredibly well. Abba really was a sensation back then and they seemed to magical and alive. Here's my favorites (Sorry, couldn't hold it down to one) starting with the carnival sounds of Dancing queen, Of which I listened to so many times I couldn't begin to tell you!

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..........And what better tribute to Abba than this song. Abba had such class!
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