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^ This right here is some real valuable information! Thank you!

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We are in the same weather pattern,If you have the extra ice and water the whole house roof.Lapped shingles in the vally is fine as long as there lapped away from the weather.Do the ridge venting that is the best venting along with soffit vents with the egg crates in the attic will be great.The metric shingles get 6 nails in the north.If you cant swing the whole roof in ice and water dont use 15# felt its junk even 30# felt is old school there are some new and better products out there if your roofer is up to date he will know or can find out you can also.Make shore to replace any bad plywood or boards on the roof and fasia also.good luck.( I live 20 min from canada)And only give a 1/4 payment to start when he gets over half way done giv a 1/4 more and when completly finished and cleaned up finish paying never give the full amount.

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Originally Posted by Chris00WJ View Post
Hey There,

It looks like on my valleys the rushing water has just stripped the shingles of all the grit and left them looking pretty terrible. It also appears it caused them to leak as the wood underneath is soggy and feels rotten. Not good.
A possibility for the missing granules in the valley is, if you have had a lot of foot traffic on the roof the valley area is the easiest to walk up and will cause granule loss. Shingles are not made for foot traffic, stay off the roof as much as possible, especially in hot weather.
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6 nails across in FL, TN may be more lax. Go metal if you can, if installed correctly it will not leak. Make sure screws are snug, if stripped they will back out over time. Decking should be min. 5/8 CDX or 1'X....no OSB..in my opinion....for metal with screws...no nails.
Order and pay for your own material. The days of contractor discounts are about all but gone....maybe contractor markup is more the case. Once you order and pay for you material it's yours and if the contractor is not competent....kick him off and you owe him nothing. Most of the roofers I used in FL....6 to 8 men, will strip and replace the average 3000 sqft roof in one day, baring weather and assuming that the decking and framing and facia...etc...are in good condition. So, at the end of the day, or second day, all you owe him is labor....also assuming he gets his final inspection if you have inspections in your area.

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Lots of good advice here.

Make sure you use a long standing and reputable company that will still be around years down the road in case you have warranty issues.

There's a lot of fly by night roofers around, but when the problems start, they've usually gone out of business and you're screwed.

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