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Originally Posted by leadarrows View Post
Our founding fathers took a deliberate and unarguable stand for their God-given rights to self-defense and protection of property. As Americans, we have enjoyed that right since the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The right to defend ourselves includes the legal and justifiable right to use deadly force. Though wording is different in each one, every state has self-defense statutes or case law that defines how and when a person can use deadly force.
Most states allow you to use deadly force to protect yourself, and other innocents as well.

Who is more innocent then an unborn child?
Nobody. Not even a pro-abortion advocate would claim otherwise. But the question everyone is actually interested in is this: "When do a pair of gametes become a child?"

The Republican plank presumes that the child exists at the moment of conception. If this is the case, then the leading cause of death is menstruation, seeing as over 2/3 of all zygotes never implant in the uterine wall, and these "people" end up as nothing more than a bloody stain on a feminine product.

Personally, I see no moral, cultural, societal, or even religious reason to consider an unimplanted zygote any differently than the pus from a zit.

Gametes should be considered people at the point that they are medically viable, which currently averages 24 weeks gestational age, and is dropping as medical science advances. (40 years ago, it would have been something like 32 weeks. AFAIK, the 21 weeks 6 days is the current record for survival)
Prior to reaching viability, the fetus cannot survive the death of the mother, and as such should be considered a part of the mother rather than a separate person.

We work together every damn day. --Jon Stewart
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