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The Answer is No

From http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/...wer_is_no.html
July 31, 2014
The Answer is No!!!
By David I. Stephens

The National Republican Party had the nerve to call me for money today. (For full disclosure: I am an officer in the local Party and work hard for conservatives in Georgia).

I took the young fundraiser very politely over my dismay with the national Party, from one end to the other: From Boehner refusing to use his constitutional power, while crying for courts to do his job; To throwing Cantor out over being an amnesty touting RINO and getting another RINO in his place; McCain, Romney, and everything in between; on to the filthy work in Mississippi that Reince Priebus has done nothing about.

Thad Cochran and everyone that helped with that disgusting debacle should be out of the Party on their ears. They want me to fund a national party that rubber stamps racist ads in black Democrat districts to get out the Democrat primary vote for the Republican incumbent? Do they think everyone's character is for sale?

She said they have done great things, like backing Tea Party candidates. Remaining calm, I explained to her that I watched the senate minority leader promise to "crush" the Tea Party, and watched Boehner himself call me an extremist wacko. Since when is the Constitution extreme? Since when is limited government and less debt extreme? Since when is following the law extreme?

She said they helped Ted Cruz, and my restraint nearly cracked. Is that honestly their talking point? Do they think they had a thing to do with Cruz' election or Boehner getting the speakership? Those things were handed to the Party in spite of the Party, not because of them. Ted Cruz made a last stand against ObamaCare and it was Republicans that stabbed him in the back. With friends like that, who needs Democrats?

I helped her out, by showing her that elections are not won in Rove's Blessed Middle, or by chasing Balkanized groups of voters. Elections are won by selling Opportunity and the Liberty it requires to exist and flourish, by exciting the base and bringing everyone else along for the ride. Check the last Republican presidential landslide and see if I am wrong.

We sell ideals and honesty... bold colored lines between right and wrong. We sell prosperity for every human being in America by ensuring a free market is available that rewards production and enterprise. We maintain the security of the nation in order that every American has the opportunity to use their talents to earn a nice life or to earn greatness if they so choose. We love capitalism and we love entrepreneurs. We do not see business as some kind of healthcare agency or workfare program, but as human beings chasing their dreams in a free market that has the ability to take them wherever they want to go! We believe the individual is the single greatest entity in this great nation, and that the individual has clear unalienable rights that shall not be infringed.

They sell mediocrity, poverty, weakness, handouts, lawlessness, authoritarianism, fear, racism, global decay, debt, servitude, and conformity. They believe the only thing great about America is its great big government. They raise up our enemies with the blood, sweat, and tears of the American people while stabbing our old friends and allies in the back.

Have I left the Republican Party? What Republican Party? Except for a few good men, all I see is a bunch of monkeys running around begging for a football and they don't even know which way to run with it. You want a donation? Go read the Republican principles, watch some Goldwater and Reagan speeches, then sit by the window and wait for a pair to grow.

The answer is no. I will not send money to the national Party to work against my principles. I will choose solid candidates across the country and i will fund them directly. I will put in my sweat equity and my time and I will choose who deserves my money.

You want it?

Earn it.
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