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Originally Posted by Eddie_T View Post
My only concern with my $49 eyeglasses is why could they not have been made in America?
duh............cuz then they would be $98 eyeglasses?

I'll believe corporations are persons when Texas executes one.: LBJ's Ghost
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Originally Posted by blucher View Post
duh............cuz then they would be $98 eyeglasses?

"A society that puts equality ... ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom."

--Milton Friedman (1912-2006)
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For backup I am getting two pairs, one with far vision and one for near vision. The cost for two pair with shipping is $18.85. These are basic, no tints or coatings and no bi-focal charge. So, there goes my buy American at least for eyeglasses.
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FROM AN E-MAIL..........


Eleven Easy Ways to Buy American in 2012
by Roger Simmermaker

1. Cotton Swabs. Don't call them Q-Tips.
The Q-Tips brand is made in America , but guess what? The
company that owns the brand isn't American at all. The name of
the company is called Unilever (ever seen Lever 2000 soap?),
which is a joint venture between England and The Netherlands .
An American alternative would be the CVS or Walgreen's brand, which are both
made in USA as well for about the same price. Both CVS and
Walgreen's are American-owned companies and are based in the
United States .

2. Deodorant. Suave and Dove are both
owned by Unilever, so the profits go overseas and the taxes are
paid overseas to foreign governments when you buy either of
these brands. Want an American brand to buy and save money, too?
Go to the Dollar Tree store and buy the Speed Stick
brand for $1 each, which is made in USA by American-owned
Colgate-Palmolive. If you drop five or ten dollars, you won't have

to go back to the store for this item anytime soon.

3. Bath Soap. Irish Spring
sounds like it might be foreign, but it's actually an American
brand made in the United States . Ivory soap is American, too.
Jergens is made in America, but Jergens is owned by a Japanese
company. Think of it like this: Just like a Toyota made in the
U.S. is still a Japanese car, a bar of Jergens soap made in the
U.S. is still a Japanese soap. Dial is owned by a German

4. Mustard. French's mustard isn't
French. It's owned by the British. Grey Poupon sounds like it

might be foreign, but it's owned by an American
company, and is made in America .

5. Pasta sauce. Did you know Ragu is owned
by Unilever, the foreign-owned company we learned about in
examples one and two? Prego is an American brand owned by the

Campbell Soup Company, and is made in the United States .

6. Disinfectant. Lysol and Clorox are both
effective disinfectants and there is little if any price
difference between the two, but only one is American owned.
Lysol used to be owned by Kodak, but Kodak sold it to a British
company in 1995. Clorox is American owned.

7. Coffee. Two of the most popular
brands in the United States are Maxwell House and Taster's
Choice, but only one is owned by a company based in the United
States . Taster's Choice is made by Switzerland-based Nestle Đ
the largest food company in the world. Maxwell House
is an American brand. The coffee beans for both brands are
imported, however. For truly American coffee from tree to cup
(the beans come from Hawaii ) check out the USA Coffee Company
at www.USACoffeeCompany.com.

8. Cosmetics. Revlon is an American-owned
company and many (not all) of their products are made in the
United States. Maybelline was American-owned until 1996 when
French-owned L'Oreal bought the company for $75 million.

9. Bottled water. Now that we know the
French own at least one brand many probably thought was American
owned, what other popular brands are owned by companies based in
France ? You might be surprised to know that Dannon bottled
water (and other Dannon products like yogurt) are French owned.
Aquafina(owned by Pepsi) and Dasani (owned by Coca-Cola) are

American brands.

10. Peanut Butter. They say choosy mothers choose Jif. Choosy patriotic

Americans choose Jif, too, because Jif is American-owned. Skippy is

owned by our favorite foreign brand Unilever.

11. Apparel. Why shop at Wal-Mart and
buy foreign-made t-shirts when you can buy American-made
t-shirts from All American Clothing
Company (www.AllAmericanClothing.com) where they
use 100% U.S.-grown cotton for just $7.99. Are the shirts in
Wal-Mart that much cheaper? I have to admit I don't know because
I don't shop there. But I do know Wal-Mart is the biggest seller
of Chinese-made goods on the planet.

Okay, I had to give
another example because this is probably the best one, and since
winter is here, we might be adding some hot chocolate to our
shopping cart at the supermarket. Swiss Miss is American owned,

but Carnation is owned by the Swiss.

The good news is that the more we buy American-owned and American-made

products, the more powerful and positive impact we will have on the

U.S. economy. And the even better news is we can usually do it

without any extra cost or inconvenience to the consumer. Awareness
is the key.

About the Author Roger Simmermaker:
Roger Simmermaker is the author of
How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer
Patriotism and writes "Buy American Mention of the Week"
articles for his website www.howtobuyamerican.comand WorldNetDaily.com. Roger has a degree in
Electronics Engineering Technology and is the vice president of
his local Machinists Union (IAM&AW). He been a frequent
guest on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, and has been quoted in the
USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week among many
other publications.

How Americans Can Buy American
Post Office Box 780839
Orlando, Florida 32878-0839

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