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Old 03-09-2011, 03:13 PM  
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I'm getting fed up with listening to highschoolers complain alternately about how hard school is or how it's so easy it's boring.

We go to school to learn, to gain a USEFUL education to help us succeed in life. That's great. That's wonderful. Please tell me though, who exactly uses calculus on a daily basis except for those people in a math heavy field? Or chemistry? What about the students that excel in shop or automotive but cant tell Shakespear from Peanuts? The computer nuts that cant tell you what they ate for breakfast much less when this or that war happened, but can ramble off strings of code like they think in binary?

There was a time when teenagers were expected to work. When they had to work. Now everything is so standardized, the bar has been lowered so much, that Americas teens are stagnating before they ever hit college.

They're pampered and spoiled. They learn a bunch of useless crap, relearn it again in college and then finally, after so many pointless classes, after more than half have dropped out do to lack of interest, finally they get to learn what they were interested in in the first place.

I understand getting the basics down, but honestly theres such a thing as too much foundation. Eventually all you have is a little shack of specialization stranded in the middle of a giant empty parking lot of useless knowledge.

Im calling for career specialized classes at the highschool level, free to the public like it ought to be!


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Welcome to Middle Class angst, been here long?

Why do you learn it? It's higher thought, we are sending all our poor people jobs over seas so if you want to not work so hard, and make a decent amount of money, math and science are your friend. Otherwise I recommend getting in with the government early.

I failed horribly at math, I'm not stupid by a long shot, but I am a cook, know why?

The kids will always be spoiled and pampered, your parents said the same thing about your generation and their parents said it about them and before we could talk we were thinking it.

Specialized classes, in what? The majority of jobs you don't need higher eduction for either no longer exist, or need on job training.

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vocational training is something that does horribly need investment in, some people do not have the drive to go to college, so why does our school system try to force them into a path they will not complete, offer them job training so they have some skills to get a decent job, yes college jobs tend to pay much better but we will always need mechanics/plumbers/electricians etc.

plus there is the whole uninterested teachers issue, their pay or even job security is not based that much on what the students learn, which is quite sickening.
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When I was attending a local technical college here, there were some HS students in my classes getting hands on training in Aircraft Maintenance. I feel that that is the way to go. Let them opt into this type of program where they go take some "vocational" type courses that will get them some credits, and a jump start on thier post HS education.
There are SOME decent things going on with this. More needs to be encouraged.
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