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Originally Posted by Funetical View Post
Reagan did terrible. How he is remembered as great president is scary.

He more than tripled the national debt, threw sick people into the streets, gave weapons to Saddam Hussein chemical ones, traded with the Contras and set the US intop this debt due to his tax cuts that he never recovered from.

He didn't end the Cold War, he made Gorbachev think he was nuts enough to use nukes, which he was, but the Cold War was all but over, and the reality of Nuclear arms prohibited their use anyhow.

Reagan is a blight on American politics.

As for Obama.

He can't change anything. That's not what presidents do. Had his party maintained control of the house or senate, maybe he could have, but the American people are to stupid to let that happen.

I'm not on either side, I look at the bipartisanship in America, it makes me sick. The belligerent false hood that people perpetuate about Obama is absurd, and only working to further drive a wedge of non progression in American politics, which is known to be a joke the world over.
Well put. I think also, that when Obama spoke to a group of kids about staying in school, http://articles.cnn.com/2009-09-08/p..._s=PM:POLITICS and some on the right treat him as though he was indoctrinating our kids, it just shows how obsurdly ignorant some people are. It's clearly a biggot mentality out there. It.....borders on downright scary, you are correct. Like I said earlier.... When the right wing fanatics were tearing Obama up just 12 days in at another forum, well, the man is doomed no matter what. It makes me sick, these types of devisive, hate mongering and ignorant videos.

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Agreed. I'm glad we're friends.

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Every statement and action in this email is

I'll believe corporations are persons when Texas executes one.: LBJ's Ghost
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