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Greed and Regulations

Greed is an enormous problem and even good regulation feeds greed. Consider prescription eyeglasses, the exam is reasonable but it ends there. There is no reason other than greed for eyeglasses to cost more than a digital or SLR camera. How many people suffer with poor vision because they delay those periodic exams due to their expense and the cost of eyeglasses. If one is far sighted then reading glasses will suffice, but there is no dollar store equivalent for negative or cylindrical lenses. I buy my eyeglasses off the internet and have done well and saved hundreds so far. I am on the lookout for a bargain field eye exam kit like we had in the army. If I had one I could test my own eyes as it is little but lens substitution. Some say it’s important to see the professional, but what about those with 20/20 vision they don’t see a professional every two years?

There’s a kit for converting a plastic lawn chair into a wheel chair and even a reinforced chair. It is sent on the mission field for local assembly to avoid regulations. It can’t be used in this country because of the regs.

A ministry I mentioned in another forum is about to lose its house as it cannot economically be retrofitted for wheel chair access, this even though in its history it has never had a client in a wheel chair. Hundreds will suffer because of that phantom wheel chair client.

The government, the media and the pharmaceutical industry spend money to attack supplements but later find ways to patent the concept so as to require a prescription. The latest is niacin for cholesterol. Another is a current NIH study of chelation therapy which the government hasn’t liked even though it is administered by professionals. If supplements are found to actually cure something then they become regulated until the pharmaceutical industry decides it can make more money by going over the counter. I manage my blood pressure with a supplement that costs me about $28 per month and has no side effects.
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