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and our next contestant is.......

Well, actually, I believe in God? And at a minimum Jesus was a great historical figure ? at minimum at great role model ? at minimum.
Would you like to see any federal agencies abolished?

A couple. One would be the Department of Education.
Why are you running for the GOP nomination ? why not run as the Libertarian Party candidate?

Well, the idea would be to win and in my opinion Republicans are the only party capable of fixing what?s wrong with this country today and that would be the fact that we are bankrupt. And why the electorate would give Republicans back the Senate and the presidency after just a few short years ago they blew it, I?m not so sure. But that?s what I believe.
Johnson spent nearly as much time acknowledging the obstacles to his candidacy as he did his strengths. Yes, he conceded, he?s against the war in Iraq and U.S. engagement in Libya. He?d like to balance the budget tomorrow by slashing 43% off of all federal spending, including the Pentagon. He?d turn both Medicare and Medicaid into block grants to the states. He?s pro-immigration and his proud declaration that he?d love to legalize marijuana gave a passing class of sixth-graders the giggles.

He?s pro-choice and doesn?t like the idea of government intrusion into the bedroom ? or anywhere in the house for that matter.
In the eight years since leaving office, he?s been building his dream house in Taos, investing in ?adventures,? as he puts it, climbing Mt. Everest, paragliding in Hawaii and competing in grueling Iron Man races.

So, what brings him out of semi-retirement? Three words: the Tea Party.
and our next contestant is.......-gj2.jpg 

I'll believe corporations are persons when Texas executes one.: LBJ's Ghost
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