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Old 11-09-2012, 12:27 PM  
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Posturing Has Begun

Reid and Obama are both suggesting they have a plan to pay down the deficit in a balanced way. Others have pointed out that taxing everyone with over $250K in earnings to the point of destruction would only run the government for 141 days. The mythical Clinton surplus would run the Obama government only 23 days. Paying down the deficit in reality doesn't mean paying down anything at all, it just means charging less. Charging less sounds noble but the $16 trillion debt still grows. Even if we were to ever achieve a balanced budget the debt will probably be monetized a little at a time so as not to incur rapid inflation and trashing the dollar (much like boiling a frog starting with cool water). If either party were serious why would they wait until 50 days from the cliff to negotiate? Gentlemen we are being snookered and the posturing has resumed.

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They need to pass a budget first. They haven't done that in almost 4 years why are they going to start now?

I feel that if congress doesn't pass a budget within 39 days of the first roll call then they should forfeit all pay and allowances for the remainder of the year.

If I do not do my job I get fired. If you don't do your job you get fired. If they don't do their job they get to vote themselves a pay raise. All the while people like me who work for a county government haven't seen a pay raise in 5 years. Oh wait my county gave me a 1% pay raise then took 2.5% more for insurance. Only time I have ever gotten a pay raise and made LESS money.
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