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Snowden Revisited

When we consider the acts of Edward Snowden we need to consider facts that our government will not tell us. An elitist government has a rather sordid history of secret abuse which is supposedly in support of the “greater good”. Some of the secret biological tests performed on the public are beyond belief and violations of privacy have been going on since long before Snowden came on the scene.. Whoever said, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned , might well have said “like a government scorned”.

Now in the case of Snowden the government has vilified him to the extent that much of the public thinks he is a traitor. But should we believe a government that was and is spying on its citizenry? At first the government lied about the extent of what it was doing, so how many lies might it tell to vilify Snowden? Did Snowden do wrong? Yes he did, but wasn’t it for the “greater good”? If the government can commit wrongful acts for the greater good then why not Snowden? Would we have known what the government is doing if not for Snowden? How much farther might the government have gone if not for Snowden? What might the government have done to Snowden, in secret, if it had caught him early in the game? Was Snowden smart to run from a government that he knows the capabilities of (even the usually benign USDA is procuring an undisclosed number of submachine guns)? Obama promised unparalleled transparancy but his administration has prosecuted more whistle blowers than all previous administrations combined.

Some of us are old enough to remember when activists conducted a raid on a FBI office in Media, PA seizing all the files. Though I didn't agree with the activists look at the greater good that came from it. The public became aware of Hoover's secret files and dirty tricks, of which COINTELPRO was a program that seriously violated the rights of citizens and targeted certain groups.

Why does an elitist government permit a runaway agency to spy on its citizenry at a cost of billions? A part of the answer is political correctness. It can’t just spy on the nationalities and religion from which the terrorists are birthed as that might be criticized as profiling. The government, only after being exposed, proposes third party safeguards. However people are corrupt, people can be bought or controlled for political favor. After all who would have thought the administration would use the IRS to target tea party conservatives?

The nationalities we should be spying on have such poor human rights that they can not legally be admitted to the UN, however for political correctness they are. Our government could save the billions and not violate the privacy of the masses by monitoring only the targeted groups that have already been profiled. If you don’t believe they have already been targeted just make numerous telephone calls to their mosques or whatever and watch for black SUVs in your neighborhood.

Meanwhile little old ladies get patted down in airport security, no little old ladies get punished just to show fairness to the terrorists. I think it’s time we take tea party conservatives serious and use them to regain control of a government that no longer represents its citizens. Remember, it’s the government scorned and its water boy media that attempts to vilify tea party conservatives.

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I agree 100%.
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