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Kent, Ohio
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EDC - Every Day Carry

This is always a fun way to push up the post count.

When you walk out the door at the beginning of your day, what's on your person? (And the polite controversy part to breed conversation - why did you choose those particular items?)

I've always got:
a pair of multitools - A leatherman Surge and a leatherman Crunch, with bit kit and screwdriver extension (I've become the designated handyman in my social circles)

curved and straight hemostats (They fit nicely in the Surge's holster and are quite useful)

A mini sharpie marker (Also fits nicely in the Surge's holster)

a 2AA LED maglite (A decent flashlight at a very inexpensive price.)

Glock 26 in Galco X-project shoulder holster (tritium sights, standard 10-round magazine. A gun because I work in some bad areas, and it's easier to carry than a cop. Glock, because it's a carry gun, where utility is much more important than appearance. "Baby Glock" because its size offers the most carry options. 9mm because it's no slouch of a round - Plenty of people have been stopped with lesser rounds. The Galco holster because it's comfortable, unobtrusive, durable, and relatively inexpensive.

two 17-round magazines in a kydex belt carrier (the double mag carrier was more comfortable than the single and multiple spare magazines are more important than the capacity - if you have a double feed, clearing it is basically a magazine change, and if you're going to do that, you might as well top off)

Motorola Cliq (An Android phone. Apple screwed up by not offering a physical keyboard on the iPhone. And they screwed up more by trying to limit carrier options, fighting with Adobe, blocking Google applications, and basically trying to dictate every aspect of using their phones. They have a long history if this kind of short-sightedness that's continuously left them offering expensive products of mediocre quality. Android has overtaken the iPhone, offering more and better apps, more hardware options, and a much richer experience.

T.H.E wallet (A BIG wallet, but not any thicker than a good leather bi-fold.)

High-ankled steel-toed work boots (Most comfortable, affordable boots I've found are Lacrosse 8" Quad comfort, and the sole is the most durable of any boot I've worn)

Micro "survival" kit - a couple bandaids, a couple single use tubes of superglue, a few alcohol prep pads, several waterproofed matches, a mini binder clip, lengths of dental floss and wire, a cotton ball, and a tiny flashlight ripped out of a cheap multitool. All packed in an Altoids-Mini tin, about 1/3 the size of a regular altoids tin.

If I'm working that day, I'll add:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5 (I take a LOT of low-resolution shots for my job. The 12x optical zoom of the ZS5 at high-res equates to a 30x optical zoom at low res, and an up to 124x digital zoom - all in a compact-sized package. Yes, I know that digital zoom is just a cropped part of a high-res photo and that a a decent image editing software can do a much better job of cropping than the camera can do. But, I take a LOT of photos, and every minute spent on post-processing is another minute added to my work day.)

Spare batteries for the camera, the phone, and the mini maglite (Best recommendation I can make for a smartphone user is to buy a couple spare batteries and a standalone charger)

3D-cell LED maglite in a belt holster (Small flashlights can put out plenty of light, but if you need plenty of light for plenty of time, you need a lot of battery capacity. The LED versions of maglites offer a brighter and cleaner light than the standard krypton bulbs. They are still focusable like the regular versions, and they last longer, without raising the initial price significantly.)

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sharana, afghanistan
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Tarus PT 140 Mil Pro in a custom kydex holster, a kydex/leather combo or a fobus paddle holster (depends on outfit)

SOG tool, Modified power lock/EOD combo


Dog tags with values tag and 5.56 NATO round (pulled the projectile from a spare round and drilled hole in it)

Oakley flak jacket sunglasses

When in uniform replace the pistol with a SOG mini pentagon knife

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Old 11-03-2010, 10:11 AM  
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Images: 8
Knife of some sorts
Aviator Sunglasses (I'm not an aviator, I just like their glasses.)
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Old 11-03-2010, 10:32 AM  
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My Glock (size dependent on where I'm headed), a set of handcuffs, and my retirement badge because as they say, "Don't leave home without it!"
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Central, Utah
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Cell (LG Dare)
Knife (varies between spyderco, crkt, sog, depending on the day)
Swiss Phone pager
Kahr PM40

I hate to carry stuff on me but this is about the minimum I'll leave the house with.
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Rochester, New York
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Camillus 4" knife
Fenix flashlight
Wallet (always have $50 emergency money)
2 oz silver rounds

In the winter, my coat always has hand warmers, another lighter, and a larger flashlight.

My bug-out bag is always in my car, so I have food, water, shelter, clothing and medical supplies if I can get to my car.

Personal defense is severely lacking...looking at concentrated pepper spray. I'd like to go with a Sig P226, but I refuse to apply for a hangun permit.
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Broomfield, co
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Yup personal defense is necessary.
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Old 11-04-2010, 02:54 PM  
just a little lower..
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Titusville, Pennsylvania
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.38 cal. revolver
CRKT Mirage(knife)
Various other stuff in my pack, but these three are always near, and the Jeep is a small arsenal......really
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Old 11-04-2010, 06:55 PM  
The Amish wolfman...
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Terre Haute, Indiana
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Keys, wallet, phone, Bersa Thunder 380 in a crossbrred holster.... never leave home without those things...
I am known by many names:
Otahyoni, Otah, Utah, Chris, Steve, Fred, The Amish Wolfman, and Mark's Little Buddy...
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Middle, Tennessee
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Keys, wallet, cell phone, multi tool, pen, handkerchief.

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