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Originally Posted by gnatlee View Post
If you live on the coast you probably will not survive if you are not ready and the subduction zone moves. This event is over due and it will happen, maybe not for for 100yr, maybe tomorrow.
Last week an OPB documentary said the subduction fault was a one in three chance of happening within 10 years. The coast will have 20 minutes top to reach high ground.

If you want an idea of expected damage look at Chile since like OR/WA Chile has a subduction zone fault offshore and recently had it's own 8+ earthquake.


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Vacation/Learn at the Prepper's Mini College in Oregon

Yes there are Preppers in Oregon

Camp/Vacation now or next summer in your Tent, Camper, Travel Trailer, RV, 5th Wheel, Tent Trailer or sleep out under the stars. Enjoy our private fishing hole located on the Siletz River. If you like Steelhead or Salmon fishing you should give the Siletz River a try.

We have converted our 80 acres farm with its one mile of Siletz River front into the Prepper's Mini College because we believe there
a critical imbalance
of food supply
and food demand
is coming

This crisis will peak within the next 30 years. Large groups of people will lose access to nutritious
food, due to:
  •  population growth, especially in developing countries;
     the effects of a changing climate on food production;
     the increasing price of oil, which makes biofuel crops more valuable than food;
     dwindling supplies of fish and other commodity crops;
     the impact of political volatility on infrastructure and other basic services.

We have created the Prepper?s Mini College to meet this growing challenge.

We believe that regardless of how much food you stockpile, it has a limit and will run out eventually. Since humans are creative, humans are resourceful, and humans need to eat. So what does a hungry, resourceful, creative human do? S/he learns to raise, gather or hunt for food, harvests what s/he need, then stores, gives away or exchanges the excess for another need.

That is what the Prepper Mini College is about: How to grow food and be self-reliant whether you live in an apartment, condo, house or farm.

Our vision involves the entire family? children are welcome to come and learn.

At the Prepper?s Mini College Learning Center you will learn to:
  •  build self-wicking growing beds to irrigate your food supply without daily watering
     Harvest rainwater to decrease pump and water usage.
     Use the sun to cook your food.
     Construct Earth-heated greenhouse domes to raise food year around
     Free Hot Water from compost.
     Install automatic chicken feeders, waterers, and doors to ensure a fresh egg supply.
     Keep worms to provide fertilizer.
     Heat your home using old hot tubs
     Smoke salmon with native wood.
     Grow salads all summer from your patio
     Butcher a deer.
     Raise strawberries using water from your fish tank.
     Heat your home by building a rock wall
     Ensure women?s personal hygiene when drugs stores are closed.
     When to use deadly force - legally.

The techniques we teach are not rocket science. We use today?s technologies in a different way to be self-reliant. We teach one course per day in the afternoon. Courses and dates will depend on interest.

We Teach Hands-On Skill Building

Food Self-Reliance lends itself to being caught, not taught. By this we mean that one cannot really understand soil and vegetation by merely reading a book. It is the act of listening and sensing that leads to a harmony between the grower and the growing. There are parts of food Self-Reliance where we need to use our minds, but a large part is learning to listen to the plants and to become a part of the living ecosystem. When we participate with nature in this way, there is a sense of belonging that comes to us, and meets deep inner needs.

Enhanced Prepper?s Mini College

This is for people who want more that just something to eat. It is for people who have the time to spend at least a week or longer at the Prepper?s College. Courses will be taught daily in the afternoon. During these courses a person will:

Discover Natural Living. The visual backdrop is forest, chickens, wildlife, meadow, a mile of riverfront and plenty of moss, not sidewalks, cars, and city buildings. Nights are dark and quiet and you can almost touch the stares. This natural environment helps us relax, often without consciously noticing it. Discover Cooperation. Being part of an intentional EVOLVING community of people who want to be here part time, Prepper?s Mini College is different from the mainstream. People want to actively work together and cooperate to make their lives more rich and fulfilling.

Discover Your Passion. What are you truly excited about? Your passions and hopes are what brought you here, and being around likeminded individuals you may discover more. This is the time to go for what you really want in life. We welcome people who are passionate about joy and happiness. You may be passionate about your work, the environment, permaculture, art, writing, music, community, healthy mind and body, and all things that help bring peace and abundance to your soul.

Discover Self-Reliance. Relying on supermarkets for food and electricity companies for power is a fragile way to live. Prepper?s Mini College is not self-sufficient, but we are moving more in that direction, growing more in our gardens, pumping our own water, and planning for more water catchments, passive solar power, reaping wind power, mini hydro and Aquaculture. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and help build a totally sustainable live style. Discover Your Strengths. Living in a temporary community is about the soft skills of life, like interpersonal communication and internal growth. We will teach you to recognize your own strengths and to understand how to relate to others in a mature way. We will teach you how to understand what makes you - YOU.

The Cost? That is the good part. If you are willing to camp (we have 80 acres of camp sites) with your RV, 5th Wheel,Camping Trailer, Tent Trailer, or Tent at one of our primitive sites and work on a Mini College project at least 2 hours per camping day there is no charge.

Cost if you commute? The cost of the course is $20.00/hour. Most courses are 3 hours long. The closest permanent lodging are the motels/hotels is located in Newport, Oregon, which is 25 miles away at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Send PM or post for more details

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https://www.facebook.com/groups/455156874510450/ We are a group of people who share info and learn together. All from Oregon. Please come join us.
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https://www.facebook.com/groups/455156874510450/ we are an all Oregon group, that share and learn together. Come join us.

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