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To Disney or Not to Disney?

That is the question...

My wife and I are considering taking a family vacation. We currently have a total of 8 family members who would be going. Is it worth it to drop $10k-15k on a vacation of this nature at Disneyworld or would it be a better idea to take three or four smaller less expensive vacations to different places?

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That's a tough one! Are there many young children in your family? It's a worthwhile vacation destination that young kids would definitely enjoy. It's would definitely be a very memorable vacation.

I've never stayed at the resorts so I don't know what to expect there. It's been many years since I visited Disney, but the Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios have always been clean and well-run parks. You could easily stay in a resort and your family could be together and ride the monorail into the park. However, it will definitely take stamina to hit several parks in the same week. You can probably do a park a day. I suspect you'll have to pace yourself. We've always thought it would a tremendous advantage to have a pass and the ability to go back to a hotel and chill for awhile.

However, there are also other attractions in Florida. Kennedy Space Center and Gatorland are both worthwhile lower cost attractions. SeaWorld is another good Orlando area attraction. If your family is mostly adults, you might want to go fishing on a charter boat or on a golf excursion.

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When my kids were little enough to enjoy actually being with their parents, we flew to Florida on a Disney package. First day was spent at the Space Center, then on their ship for a 4 day cruise, then 3 days at Disneyworld. It was a great vacation that the kids (and us) will never forget!

BTW, Cruise packages are becoming extremely cheap these days, due to the glut of ships in the area.
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i would suggest you go to Disneyland.. Everyone loves to go there..
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I just got home from a disney cruise (like two hours ago), if you have kids the disney cruise is great.
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Take smaller trips. Disney is so over priced. You'll feel better spending your money wisely.
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Disney is expensive, but a very memorable family vacation for those who can afford it. I remember going as a child, and look forward to taking my son when he's old enough to enjoy it.

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