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"oh no, If I would have known this, I wouldn't have fed him this morning" I have never forgotten that and never will. They might be like your neighbor. Just because you and I care, or most people, they obviously don't or they wouldn't let the little dog out.
In Oregon it's against the law to abandon a pet but with hard times it's happening more & more. I really don't understand people who can do that at all.

I'll believe corporations are persons when Texas executes one.: LBJ's Ghost
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Originally Posted by ChrisNukemYJ View Post
I train my dog to stay by my side when we are outside. But I will put a leash on her when
we have to go somewhere and I will take it off when I get where I am going because she
is very good about staying by my side.
I wish you had trained my dog. We got home last night and I was getting some bags out of the car--he usually just goes to the back gate and waits for me. He saw a dog walking on the other side of the street and took off---a car was coming and the other dog's owner crossed the street to try and stop Josh from running out. I was so angry with him---made him go in the house and wouldn't speak to him for hours---not that it probably made an impression on him.

He will be leashed from now on---he is a lhasa apso--they are 'independent'---and I didn't really know all that I should have known about dog training. He thinks he is 'protective'--barks at every dog or person who walks by--and I don't know what else he was thinking. Nearly ran out in the street the other day because a woman was pushing a baby in a stroller--we stop and talk to babies--I guess he likes them. Anyway--he cannot be trusted off lead.

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My old dog Gizmo was so good. I think I trained her very well. Our house was broken into
once when she wasn't here and then I came home and so did she and someone tried to
break in a 2nd time through the front door and she obviously scared them off and sat at
the front door until I got home. Most dogs would have bolted with a front door wide open.
She just sat a guarded the door for 6+ hours.
I miss my Gizmo dog, it broke my heart when I had to put her to sleep.

This definitely rates about a 9.0 on my weird-sh*t-o-meter.
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