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DavidND 12-24-2018 06:54 AM

Relocated to ND. Need Help
Hello all! I recently relocated to Bismark (from Birmingham, Alabama) and I'm still getting used to many things and looking for many things. For example, every Saturday back in BI I had this ritual: I used to get up very early, when city is mostly sleeping, wear my favorite clothes (casual mostly that I cannot wear to work), take my book and ear-pods and go 3 miles breathing fresh morning air. My first destination was Shipley Do-Nuts, an amazing bakery and coffee. I used to order the blueberry cake doughnut, it's my favorite one.

I was drinking coffee, eating my pasty and reading my book (the most recent one is Nausea by Sartre). What a great time it was!

And now I'm relocated and everything is new to me. For now I need to find two places: a decent bakery/coffee shop cuz I want to resume my saturday rituals and a truck dealership cuz I need a truck (used). A friend of mine recommended me both but I'm not sure his opinion can be trusted (long story short, a woman he set me up with was plain ugly and rude).

These two places are Sweet Treats Cupcake Bar for coffee and sweets and Wallwork truck Center for a used trucks. Can u please tell me are these places worth visiting or my friend hates me for reasons unknown.

Thank you!

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