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themoviecritic79 10-22-2005 06:02 PM

Please Help: Looking For TX State University Student in Pic
I am looking for the girl in the picture at the following link:


She is wearing a gray tank top that says Southwest Texas Bobcats across the top and she is also wearing blue jeans. I don't know much information about the picture except that it was taken a home football game of Texas State University in 2003 or 2004. I just happened to come across the picture on a Bobcat web site and thought she was real attractive. Her picture was among other pictures of girls taken at the football game and was listed under ?hotties?. Well her picture was the only one that should have been on the web site because the other girls did not compare to her. If anyone has any clue to who the girl in the picture is and how to contact her (email) please email me and pass along my contact info to her. I do not wish to contact her directly and only ask that the message be passed along to her. This is really the only method I could think of to find out who she is which is the only reason I am making the post. I would like to get to know her. I am not saying anything would happen. I know it?s a long shot, but perhaps some of you out there can sympathize with me and know who she is or maybe she herself would see it and contact me. I am a nice guy and anyone that would take five minutes to talk to me and get to know me would soon realize that. Thank you for your help and time. I would especially like to thank those for your kind words and telling me not to give up and wishing me good luck. Please send only serious inquiries. I don't think she was abducted by aliens as some of you have suggested. That is just one of the ridiculous stories I have gotten lol. Thanks again.

10-22-2005 08:13 PM

can you say.....STALKER!

10-29-2005 03:20 PM

This guy has been posting this on every city of Craigslist in Texas. Remove this thread, he's creepy as hell.

Old School San Marcos 11-03-2005 12:09 PM

This could be harmless, or could be very creepy. I think the responsible thing is to remove the thread.

Texasstate 11-03-2005 12:12 PM

this was also posted over on

A2 11-03-2005 12:47 PM

Does anyone else want me to erase it?

Guest 11-03-2005 01:32 PM

No, I think it is harmless. It's not like the guy is asking for where she lives or anything. Only asking that the message be past along.

lol 11-10-2005 11:59 AM

I saw the ad and became alarmed. People like this guy are crazy.

****ing idiot.

11-10-2005 06:21 PM

Send $1,000 dollars to my pay pal and i will tell you where she is.

futureshock 11-24-2005 01:13 PM

I think I have heard of this guy over on bobcatfans...

And I think he did have a creepy reputation.

Why don't you check with brent or rick, the admins over there?

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