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This bathroom bad boy has a motion-activated lid and seat; integrated air dryer; a heated seat; feet warmers; ambient lighting; built-in speakers with FM radio and an MP3 player input jack. Still not convinced this is your next toilet? It's all controlled by a detachable touch screen remote that can save settings for up to six users.

The toilet of the future can be yours for $6300 at the end of the month
Techie Toilet Ships in April - PCWorld

Kohler Numi 'smart toilet': A royal flush - USATODAY.com

Gizmodo writer Sam Biddle said the experience was life changing after testing it out earlier this week.
The attractive toilet sports a minimalist design. It comes in white or biscuit colors, and it includes a removable handheld touch-screen remote control that lets you control various settings for up to 6 individual users and in a dozen different languages. (Numi has already been introduced in some Asian markets.) You can recharge the remote's lithium ion battery and store it in a wall-mounted dock. The toilet itself plugs into an electrical outlet.

What might make your stomach growl is the $6,300 list price. David Kohler, the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Wisconsin-based business, acknowledges that Numi is priced "at the top of the market." But he says, "the luxury market's coming back in this country and (is) very strong in other parts of the world. This product is targeted at those consumers who want the best -- they want the latest in design and technology (and) want a fashion statement in their home."

David Kohler says Numi has been under development for five years.

Might video come next? Kohler recently took the lid off another product in China with an "entertainment remote" that provides Skype and streaming video.


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I guess they aren't content with what they have, I've never seen a need for improvement, but maybe I'm the outsider?
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