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I learned how to used computer with windows 95. I've used Windows ever since. I'm used to it.My main computer has Windows 7 64bit. Never had the slightest problem with it or the Vista that came with it originally.

I also like to tinker with my pc so I've tried various forms of Linux, it's fun and works great, just not too well with my set up sometimes. I keep it on my netbook because it's better than XP.

Never used a Mac, can't afford it. Why change when I've got everything I want right here?

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Originally Posted by RiponredTJ View Post
Apple has defined computing as we know it today.
If you are talking about the GUI we have NLS and Xerox PARC to thank for that. Apple and Microsoft both borrowed from that. In fact Apple "stole" some of the PARC developers from Xerox, then paid off Xerox with pre-ipo stock.
The beginnings of Microsoft and Apple and all the goings on is a fascinating story..

I don't hate apple. I have several of their products. I love the Mac Mini for the size and convenience and I have been thinking about buying an Apple TV. When my son was little I bought him a Mac because it was so easy to use and hard to break, but once he grew up, he got something he could do more with.

PC vs Apple always starts a large battle on just about every forum. To the Apple people, I wish you nothing but the best. If you can afford to buy it and it works for what you need it to do, great. For me and what I do and what I need my computer to do, I need Linux or Windows and then VMWare on top of either of those.

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If you are a graphic designer or working on that field, a Mac will give you an advantage because of the powerful tools available from apple. They were also one of the pioneers with that touch pad which you can use in editing stuff. Also, a Mac can also function as a PC with boot camp or parallels. This will allow you to install and use windows.

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