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Originally Posted by steve01wj View Post
Id go with the LED, new technology. Why buy an older form of technology? I have a plasma and the screen burn is an issue. If something stays on the screen too long you can still see the lines when its on a new screen...
Really? Wow I've never actually seen that. I've had two plasma's. The one I have now we've had for about 2 years, but it's about 3 years since manufacture date. We've never had a burn in at all - most brands fixed the gas composition problem 4-5 years ago.

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a comprehensive read: Plazma TV Burn in

Plasma TV Burn In: Is It Still a Problem? at Plasma TV Buying Guide

technology has greatly improved

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Interesting thread. I'd shopped for a 40 inch but saw a 50 in. Samsung DLP for the same price & bought it.

I loved the 50 and things like fireworks or movies are fantastic. Not so lovable is it shuts off very frequently despite my adding vent fans.

I also have a Samsung TV/monitor that works perfectly. The 50 in. is 10 feet from me but the monitor is 4 ft. away. I find the "just WOW!" factor far higher and more frequent using the smaller & nearer TV. The finer points of high def show up beautifully when the TV is near enough. The 50 inch still looks great but you couldn't comfortably watch it from up close.
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Originally Posted by Otahyoni


Too big?? What is this too big you speak of??

My living room is 15' square and my Vizio 37" LCD seems small from across the room... I'd have preferred going bigger...

The 37" does make one sweet PC monitor though...
Yes your tv can be too big for your room.. Well more for yourviewing distance.

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I rather prefer to LCD. Because that's what I have and I can assure you that you will not regret. It's color and everything on and in it are just perfect.

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