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Old 07-18-2011, 05:06 PM  
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You should do this

I get newsletters from my anti-virus company.
Here is one and it is helpful to protect yourself.
3 steps to protect yourself from Facejacking ? CounterMeasures

This definitely rates about a 9.0 on my weird-sh*t-o-meter.
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Old 07-18-2011, 09:44 PM  
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you're right, I should.

they won?t be facejacking (or the less salubrious term, fraping) you, and if they do have that kind of access, well, your problems might be bigger than just Facebook.

So here?s how:

1 ? Log into Facebook and in the top right drop-down Account menu select ?Account Settings?.

2 ? In the Settings screen that appears, click the Edit link next to ?Account Security?.

Make the following changes:

a - Tick the box to enable secure browsing, this will ensure that your communication with Facebook is always encrypted where possible and guard and password stealing tools like Firesheep.

b ? Under Login notifications, select whether you would like an email or SMS notification when an unrecognised device tries to access your account.

c ? Under Login approvals tick the box to have a security code sent to your mobile device, and you?re all set. Even if someone knows your password, they still won?t be able to login without the security code.
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Old 07-30-2011, 07:02 AM  
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I jacked a guys facebook page once.

That is what you get for leaving it open on a iMac in Bestbuy.

I went in changed his password and posted all sorts of funny stuff. Nothing illegal and nothing harmfull. Just stuff like....

"Hey I am so dumb I left my facebook open on an iMac at Bestbuy and now some crazy dude is posting this stuff on my facebook page."

"Guess what This isn't (dumb facebooker name here) it is some other dude. This is so much fun I am posting all sorts of stuff and this is not my facebook account.

I had a little fun then was nice and logged out of it and closed the browser then cleared the cookies and history from that machine. I thought it was rather funny.
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