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Point State Park is situated in a part of Pittsburgh called The Point which is a delta (triangular landform) created by the intersection of the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River. The merging of the two rivers gives rise to the Ohio River. The Point played a significant military function during the 18th century even prior to Pittsburgh being established as it links the northern French colonies in Canada to Louisiana found down south.

At the height of the battle between the French and Indian which occurred from 1754 to 1763, British military forces went against French troops plus their Native American confederates for jurisdiction over The Point. The French and Native Americans seized a tiny colonial military base where they built Fort Duquesne.

After four years of French and Native American domination over the area, defense forces of more than 6,000 British soldiers successfully regain sovereignty over The Point. A new for called Fort Pittborough was built by the British forces to replace Fort Duquesne which was demolished by the French when they withdrew from The Point. The stronghold became popularly known as Fort Pitt, named after a famous English Prime Minister. Fort Pitt was also eventually regarded as one of the most massive fortresses in the entire North America and served its purpose until 1792. By then, the fort was brought down and houses were constructed on its base.

The Point suffered great damages and wear and tear began to show during the early years of the 1900s. However, it was only in 1945 when plans were put forward to convert the 36-acre military facility into historical public park. It took another 29 years for the Point State Park to be completed marked by the dedication of the park?s enormous fountain. And it is indeed enormous. Its central water jet is boosted by two pumps and the jet reaches 150 feet. The basin which catches the water is also gigantic with a diameter of 200 feet. Point State Park was conceptualized by landscape guru Ralph E. Griswold and apart from the giant fountain, it also boasts of a bike route and a riverfront boulevard.

Only a single original building still stands from the historical Fort Pitt ? Bouquet?s Blockhouse. The equilateral structure made out of bricks was constructed in 1764 to serve as a hideaway. Luckily, the structure escaped the demolition and is currently being uses as a residential address. Today, Bouquet?s Blockhouse is the most antiquated structure in Pittsburgh.

Fort Pitt took a form of a pentagon and featured a bastion found on each of the five sides. Three out of these five bastions were rebuilt which are the Monongahela Bastion, the Flag Bastion and the Music Bastion. The Fort Pitt Museum can be found in Monongahela Bastion where visitors can view a mock-up version of the Fort Pitt and also showcases The Point?s rich history.
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