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Arcosanti is an experimental town located seventy miles north of Phoenix, in the elevated desert of Arizona. The Cosanti Foundation, the organization behind Arcosanti, began construction in 1970. The project is headed by Paolo Soleri, an Italian architect. Soleri based the design of Arcosanti according to arcology, an original concept from the architect that combines architecture and ecology. In arcology, interaction is present among and between the living beings and the built structures.

Arcosanti aims to house five thousand people upon completion of construction. The town is to demonstrate means and ways that would showcase how it is completely possible to develop urban living conditions without making a destructive impact on Mother Earth. The land preserve where Arcosanti stands has a total area of 4,060 acres, but the built structures are set to occupy only twenty-five acres.

This experimental town has a population of between 50 and 150 people, with its most recent structure completed in 2006. The town presently has thirteen major structures, most of which are several stories high. The most current master plan was produced in 2001. The plan is for an immense complex that would dwarf over the present structures. The complex is to be named Arcosanti 5000.

Visitors are sure to enjoy learning about Arcosanti through guided walk tours. A five-week workshop is available for those who prefer a more hands-on experience with the town and to actually help build Arcosanti. A one-week seminar is another option for those who would like to learn more about the concept or arcology, the theory behind Arcosanti.
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