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Discovered in 1891, the Meteor Crater which is also known as the Barringer Meteorite Crater, Arizona Meteor Crater, Canyon Diablo or Coon Butte, is an incredible effect of the momentous impact that happened about fifty thousand years ago between the Earth and a meteoroid.

The Meteor Crater is located in the Coconino Sandstone, within the regions of Canyon Diablo and 19 miles west of Winslow, Arizona. This bordered and bowl-shaped hole is 4000 feet in diameter and measures for up to 600 feet in depth. There are drill holes within the meteor landing site that shows an intact piece of rock buried under 700 to 800 feet of dirt.

The crater is under the private ownership of the Barringer family. Daniel Barringer, a mining engineer from Philadelphia, was the first one to argue about the crater?s meteorite origin.
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