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The Aboriginal Art Culture and Tourism Australia is a preserved cultural and historical site owned and operated by original Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal people are indigenous Australian who resisted ?white people? colonization during the pre-World War I up to these days. During 1880?s, warfare rose between Aboriginal tribes due to acceptance of few tribe members of white settlers in their home land. The Aboriginal land, as they claimed, they did not own, rather, the land owned the tribe.

While the colonization persisted in Central Australia, government and church took over some Aboriginal sites to preserve them under ?real? Aboriginal people. However, due to strong resistant from intervention of non-Aboriginal people, tribe communities suffered severe poverty. In 1960, the Federal Council for Advancement of Aborigenes and Torres Strait Islanders was founded. This was the first organization which upheld indigenous Australian?s rights. Until 1976, Aboriginal Land Rights was passed to give native Aboriginal people the right to claim their ancestor?s land.

This land and human rights struggles of Aboriginal witnessed and enclosed the history and culture of the tribes. The land itself is historical and a landmark treasure of Australia as it is one of the few left native land that remains under its original descendants. This marks the rich traditions of the native society of Aboriginal which are truly inspiring since it seals a parcel of real indigenous Australian communities.

In 1997, several Aboriginal members were trained in small business and tourism course. The government helped the community to develop the site into an art and culture spot while preserving the culture and history it holds. It was then opened and named as Aboriginal Australia Art and Culture Centre.

The centre offers two options for a tour - the whole day tour and the half day tour. For a whole day tour, visitors will experience entire Aboriginal land and culture. A complete itinerary visit from Alice Spring entrance, a world class Desert Park visit, and guide tour of Culture Centre. Itinerary includes sightseeing of MacDonnel Ranges, displays of Aboriginal arts, and entertainment such as tribal dances of Aboriginal. The half day tour includes the Culture Centre tour only but it is still worth to pick because the centre offers a complete indoor experience of the native Australian culture.
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