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Taronga Zoo, located in Sydney, Australia, is divided into various regions and is home to an estimated 2,600 animal species. Situated near the shores of the Sydney Harbor, the zoo is made up of 21 hectares, the largest zoo in Australia. The word Taronga in the Aboriginal language means ?sea view.?

Because of the size of the zoo and the diversity of the creatures housed in it, zoo officials have decided to create zones for each species to avoid confusion for both zoo keepers and zoo visitors alike.

Some of the zoo's attractions include the Australian wetlands exhibits where marshland birds are on display and taken care of. The Taronga Zoo also has the Australian Walkabout which features mammals that are endemic to the smallest continent in the world. Animals that can be seen in this exhibit include Wallabies and kangaroos.

For Koala lovers, Sydney's Taronga Zoo also has a special area where guests can touch and feed Koala bears called the ?Koala Walkabout.? Another endemic creature in Australia is the duck-billed platypus which also has its own exhibit and walkabout area which also includes the water rat and the spinifex hopping-mouse.

Nocturnal animals are also housed in a special zone called ?Australian Nightlife.? Some of the animals included in this area are the Tasmanian Devil and long-nosed Potoroo. Beautiful birds all the way from South America's Amazon rainforest are also being taken care of in the zoo in the zone which has been called ?Australian Rainforest Aviary?. There is also a special area for snakes called ?Serpenteria? and a chimpanzee park and gorilla forest.

Asian mammals such as elephants and big jungle cats are also being fed and taken care of in the Taronga zoo. No tour of the zoo is complete without seeing the bear canyon and the giant tortoises which includes the Aldabra Giant Tortoise.
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