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Legoland California is the third Legoland in the world and the first Legoland built outside of Europe and in the United States. The well-known recreation and leisure destination debuted on March 20, 1999 in Carlsbad and is the only Legoland that has a waterpark as one of its attractions.

Legoland California is segmented into nine sections: Land of Adventure, Pirate Shores, Dino Land, Miniland USA, Castle Hill, Fun Town, Village Green, Imagination Zone and Duplo.

The Land of Adventure is the most recent addition to Legoland California which opened its doors to the public in May 2008. The main inspiration behind this segment of the park is to recreate the sights and sounds of Egypt during the 1920s. There are several activities that kids and the kids-at-heart can enjoy here. Shoot foam balls at targets or at your friends in ?Pharaoh?s Revenge.? If you like the thrill of being in high places, you should not miss ?Beetle Bounce? which allows you to jump 15 feet up in the air to almost touch the larger than life beetles suspended above. Want to be a pilot even just for a few seconds? Jump into ?Cargo Ace? and fly one of eight planes six feet high.

Pirate Shores on the other hand features six rides and other adventure activities. One of the more popular ones is ?Splash Battle? is wherein guests could experience the exciting lives of pirates at sea and engage in a battle with the other ?pirate guests.? Visitors can also sail boats made out of Lego pieces in Pirate Shores? ?Skipper School.? Watch out though for ?Soak ?N Sail? that drops 500 gallons of water and suddenly pours water on people randomly.
As its name implies, Miniland USA in Legoland California is a mini version of seven United States areas built in 1:20 ration. It took 40 million Lego bricks to build this impressive Lego masterpiece and took three years to be completed. The rendered miniature cities include New York, Washington D.C., New Orleans and San Francisco. Aside from this, there are also small recreation of the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower that can be found in Miniland USA.

The Legoland California adventure continues with Castle Hill which offers a medieval-themed exhilarating escapade. The most well-known attraction here is the ?Dragon? which is a roller coaster ride. It starts with a slow tour of the castle until a wizard waves his magic want and magically send the roller coaster into heart pumping and adrenaline inducing speeds. Another ride not for the weak at hears is the ?Knight?s Tournament.? If you have a queasy stomach, choose level one or two. But those who are into the scare, select level five and this ride will only give you a few seconds to remain upright.
Contrary to Castle Hill, Fun Town is a more subdued attraction in Legoland California where children can take driving ?lesson? aboard Lego cars. They can also ride Lego planes and Lego helicopters and even get educated on the process that goes behind the creation of Lego bricks.

For those who have not outgrown fairytales, Duplo in Legoland California is a must-see. Aboard a Lego boat, it takes you down a river in a scenic cruise with fairytale Lego models lining the riverbank. There is also something here for animal lovers called the ?Safari Trek? which showcases life-sized animal Lego statues.

Next on the list of Legoland California attractions is Imagination Zone wherein the most popular attraction is the ?Aquazone Wave Racers.? In this ride, guests use a steering wheel to manipulate a vessel that would either take them to the center or take the waves head on while being hit by water by the spectators.

Dinosaur buffs will definitely enjoy in Dino Island still in Legoland California which showcases an exhilarating roller coaster named ?Coastesaurus? which goes around humongous dinosaurs made using Lego bricks. They can also act as Jurassic experts and dig for make-believe dinosaur remains in the ?Dig Those Dinos.?
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