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Mission San Juan Capistrano is a religious and historical site located in Alta, California established more than 230 years ago. It was founded on October 19, 1775 by Father Lasuen. However, in early 1776, the group of padres and Spanish soldiers who started the mission went to San Diego to help their troop in the revolt. In November 1776, the mission was reorganized and reconciled by Father Serra.

The Mission San Juan Capistrano was one of the 21 missions in California established by the Spain government and Catholic Church. The Spain intended to form a colony outside its territory. The Native American people were curious of the mission and were lured to participate and be baptized as Christian. The Spanish padres and soldiers taught the Native people of Christianity, animal domestication, and conversion to Spanish language. This idea of colonial outpost led by Franciscan priests and Spanish soldiers became successful as the Natives were honed and grew their population within the premises of the mission. After three decades, the mission had reached 1,000 converted Natives and a large number of domesticated animals, making the Mission a central site for training and learning. The Great Stone Church of Mission San Juan Capistrano was also established after 30 years of its existence in Alta, California.

The downfall of the mission came when the Mexico gained its sovereignty over Spain in 1812. The entire Alta, California was under the Mexican Government. During that time, the mission was totally stopped. The Great Stone Church was sold to John Forster, the brother of Mexico?s Governor Pio Pico. Its $54,000 worth was purchased only at $710. But when the United States won the American-Mexican War, the California was declared as state in 1850. This gave the mission to be revived through a petition sent to then President Abraham Lincoln. The Great Stone Church was returned to the Catholic Church. The campaign to restore the structure was started. And from 190 to 1940, an intensive preservation and renovation of the Mission San Juan Capistrano took place. It was led by Charles Lummis and father John O?Sullivan.

Today, the San Juan Mission Capistrano holds a great deal of American history, culture, and religious belief. Several of its structures are now converted into museums and galleries. There are also exhibitions being held occasionally in the site. It is administered by a non-profit organization which offers tour in the mission?s museums and premises.
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