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The H?tel de Glace celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2010. It is located on the shores of Lac-Saint-Joseph, Quebec, just 30 minutes north of Qu?bec City. It operates from the first week in January to the last week in March. It was the first ever ice hotel in the world to make a bed and everything else out of ice.

The Ice Hotel first opened on New Year's Day in 2001. For its first year it was located in Montmorency Falls Park, which is on the outskirts of Quebec City, with plans right from the beginning to move to the nearby Duchesnay resort for its next year, where it has been built ever since.

The hotel is located 10 km west of Quebec City, steps away from the ecotourism resort, Duchesnay, in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier. It is the first Ice Hotel in North America and is built each January. The hotel has a four-month lifespan each year before being brought down in April. It had 22 beds when it first opened in 2000 and currently has about 85 beds, all made of ice but lined with deer furs and covered with mattresses and Arctic sleeping bags. Only the bathrooms are heated and located in a separate insulated structure.

It takes about a month and a half to build with 60 workers. The Hotel makes its own snow using a special mixture to adjust the humidity. It is built with metal frames, it is allowed to harden for a few days, and then the frames are removed. The hotel is made of 15,000 tons of snow and 500,000 tons of ice and the walls are up to four-feet thick.

The hotel includes an art gallery, movie theater, outdoor hot tubs, a club dubbed the N'Ice Club, an "Ice Caf?" and a 60-foot ice slide. The walls are over 4 feet (1.2 m) thick on average. All furniture is made of ice. Drinks are served using ice glasses in the bar, and room service serves cold cuts on ice plates.

The hotel has been described as a "tourist hotspot" and is backed by Quebec's tourism department.

Tours are available in French or English, seven days a week, and the hotel is otherwise open to the public.

There is also a chapel where weddings are celebrated. The Ice Hotel has been described as one of the "10 dream wedding locations."
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