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Mel Bernstein also knows as the Dragon Man is a Vietnam war veteran from Brooklyn. In order to live his dream, he built his own museum inspired by his experiences during the war. The entrance of his compound says ?Stay on the road. This family just hit a landmine?. He handles several businesses aside from the museum ranging from a paintball park, firing ranges, and a go-kart track. He also continues to be a machine gun dealer.

The historical military museum houses diverse war memorabilia from different types of Army Jeep, German belt buckles, and land mines excavated from Word War I and II. Mel's collection also includes a complete hospital field from the Gulf War, a pyramid of 500 pounds of bombs from the Vietnam war, dynamites, booby traps, and gas masks for babies.

The star of the museum is a Hitler room wherein Mel was able to collect few of the Nazi ruler's valuables. This includes Nazi bicycles, beer cans, and potato masher grenades. He also owns the yellow uniform was wore by Hitler as well as prisoner uniforms from Auschwitz, soap which is made from human fat, and corpse tongs from Dachau. Mel is equally proud that the Holocaust Museum in Washington does not possess rare item like his.

What sets Mel's museum and collectibles apart from others is that all items are restored to function. Every car machines are still intact and every gun still fires. This is aside his possession of 2,000 helmets that creates a pathway all around his museum.

The machine guns are displayed with mannequins holding it. Military troops from the nearby Fort Carson sometimes conduct training at his compound and occasionally give Mel souvenirs from their Iraq deployment. Most of the souvenirs are photographs like Saddam Hussein's gold plated AK-47 and a suicide bomber beheaded by a snipe shot.

A D-Day bunker is organized to contain World War II memorabilia like hand grenades, newspapers, and steel cans of unopened water.
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