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The Subtropic Dive Center offers a recreational and sports diving experience in Key West?s reef. It is the considered as the premier location for different level of diving activities in Florida. The center offers different diving trips daily. The most popular diving destination in Subtropic Dive Center is the Vandenberg.

The Vandenberg ship was a war ship in World War II. It was named under General Hoyt S. Vandenberg. The 523-foot sunken ship is now a recreational spot for scuba divers where artificial reef has been formed. It also became a research ground under Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan. The center has daily trips to Vandenberg. For Open Water divers, the center requires a guide. For visitors who already have advanced certification in scuba diving, the management allows them to dive without supervision or guide.

Another diving trip of Subtropic Dive Center is the Cayman Salvage Master. It is 163-foot long twin crew ship that was once used as Research Vessel F.V. Hunt of Marine Acoustical Services. It sank when it was neglected in its dock. In 1985, it was towed in its 95-foot below sea level landing spot. This diving spot is home to different marine animals such eels, green morays, and Jewfish.

Joe?s tug is another diving trip that the center offers for divers. It sank in 1986 and was in total wrecked in 1990 when Hurricane George hulled the remaining structures. Divers and diving enthusiasts started to visit the spot because of the rich marine sanctuary surrounding the ruins.

For non-professional divers, the center offers diving courses where an aspirant diver can earn certification. It also offers a 20 to 60-foot depth diving experience in 40 different diving sites in Key West. Despite diving activities, all marine sanctuaries and coral reefs are remained untouched to preserve the natural habitat of sea creatures.
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