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Old 12-31-2010, 12:00 AM  
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conway, arkansas
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conway area preppers

Is there anyone here that believes in being prepared for natural disasters, and if so, what do you stock up on? I live in this area and would like to talk to people that are local about survival/prepping things. Thanks for reading

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Old 01-11-2011, 01:28 PM  
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Russellville, AR
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I live in this area and I am all for being prepared for whatever life throws at us. Our biggest thing here in our area is mainly storms that knock power out for a few days to several weeks depending on where you live. Usually snow/ice storms and Tornado season are when we are the most vulnerable. A good generator or some other way to keep food from going bad or a way to stay warm are essential in my opinion(like a fire place). A radio that can work when the power is out(nothing fancy), some extra water for washing and such (so if your genny can't power a well pump or the city water stops), some water for drinking, a way to warm up food (we use a camp stove outside if we need to, but sandwiches and such are the staple we choose for a few days to use up all of the perishables we can.)

During Tornado season, we keep a bag handy with supplies in it in case we have to head out to use a neighbor's storm shelter (we have asked permission). It basically has a radio, a hatchet, glow sticks, flashlight (did have a battery lantern but we dropped it and it broke so we have to use the propane one for now),food, water, hand warmers, whistle, fire starting/candles, a few blankets,diapers and kid supplies like games and toys, and a small first aide kit, etc. We only had one time since we lived in our house since 2008 that we had the kiddo's ready to bug-out by having one bundled up and the other in the car-seat.

We usually always keep a small essential's bag in the vehicle, especially if were off the beaten path geocaching or going to a offroad destination. That bag usually contains things like bottled water, some food, fire starting provisions, a small tarp, first aid kit, whistle/compass combo, a few hand tools, and depending on the time of year some kind of clothing.

All in all, we try and buy canned goods and other essentials when they are on sale, just a few at a time since things are tight, but we have easily a good month of food we can eat if it gets down to it...Just got to keep going and making it grow!

Also, seeing that we have two littles, wife and I converted to cloth diapering soon after our first was born. Granted it takes a bit to get started, but we basically used the money we would spend every month on diapers anyway and by reusable cloth. They can be rinsed out and washed fairly easy and hung up to dry. We also keep some normal diapers handy in case we need them. But having littles makes you totally re-think your supplies!
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