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Politics --AJC

the headlines---

--teacher in barrow county forced to resign for facebook page--a parent/someone found a picture of the teacher in Europe with an alcoholic drink in her hand --and she posted that she went to a bar---

mmmmhmmm---i taught--she is well out of that 'pit'---she should thank her Higher Power.

why would anyone want to teach? sorry that i thought i did. got kicked to the curb myself--inner city Savannah--wrong color. they said--'Go' and i did. should have thanked God with all my heart for delivering me from evil.

in twiggs county-a commissioner allowed the county to do work for a church-now he is out of a JOB.

Hannity and Boortz celebrated the joyous occasion of FOX news last week in Centennial Park. i watched a minute or 2--still might vote for Herman Cain--even though he associates with them. none lower than Hannity and Boortz, ashamed that Atlanta contributed to their success--deeply embarassed by both. how could Cox Broadcasting send such a plague upon us.

close to abandoning all hope---we, The People, don't have a prayer.

i continue to pray that one person can be found who is actually capable of leading the Chain of Fools in charge of our Fate.

Springsteen could--he wouldn't touch politics as a career with a 10 foot poll.

Please send someone like BRUCE--to lead this nation.

i will listen to his songs until the close of ages. told by the Hannitized that he is the Devil. try to pry his CD's out of my cold dead hands--that is what I told them. got the ban. didn't care--will never care

i have voted for both sides---convinced neither have the competence to do what needs to be done.

now--respond--lol --as you will--if i must be 'banned' I am prepared to die.

'First Amendment'---born on 911---bring your worst. report me--punish me--I know i have probably violated a forum rule. i deserve my fate.


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more bad news--the specialty of the AJC--how they love it, love it, love it---so sad that is the best Cox can do--

i wish we could get rid of a few corporations--CNN, Cox--to name 2.

Keep Coke--and a few others.

Henry County high school student faces expulsion over fake $10 *| ajc.com

from my 'hood---this one is really beyond belief--unless you live here and have come to accept the sheer insanity of how the local government works---


Sheriff's deputies referred to the posted rules and told Walker that her miniskirt was not permitted, the report said. She contended that her skirt was slightly above the knee and could be pulled down to below the knee.
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