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The Cesspool this town has become.

I would like to know if I am the only one who has noticed what a cesspool this town has become? I have to admit I have always hated Bakersfield for more than one reason but the thing that bothers me the most these days is the FILTH. Has anyone even noticed how disgusting the roadsides and freeways are in this pig sty of a town?
It is absolutely gross. Drive down the 58 fwy and take a look at the enormous amount of trash, broken furniture, tires, X-mas trees, mounds of dead dried up tumbleweeds, baby diapers, you name it and you'll find it on the freeways in this town, and the 99 is exactly the same way, at least until you get up the road a bit and crossing into another small suburb then it cleans up quite a lot.
I just came back from Florida a couple of weeks ago and I was in Idaho 2 months ago and in both places the freeways and roadsides were pristine and the roads are well maintained, unlike here where on any given day you could be swallowed up by a huge pot hole. I am more embarrassed than ever to admit I live in this dump. What kind of PIGS throw their babies diapers out their car window??
Bakersfield has always had a lousy reputation and now more than ever it is living up to its Rep. I have even had people say to me after telling them that I lived here, that they had been through here before and that they hoped that they never had to come back. That it looks like a damn landfill. I thought it was somebodies job to keep the roads and highways maintained, it certainly gets done in other cities. Maybe this state needs some strategically placed toll booths to help fund the clean up and maintenance of this town. It is obvious that we also need much stricter littering laws that come with much heavier fines since there are clearly so many slobs living here that think the world is their potty chair. Seriously, doesn't anyone have an ounce of pride in the place they call home? Something needs to be done here this is just ridiculous. It seems to me there are a lot of things getting swept under the rug in this town and there are SOME people who give a **** about their surroundings they are TAX PAYERS and they have earned the right to live in a town that they don't have to be ashamed of or at least a town that is not completely covered by trash!!


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I agree with the filth of that city. I commonly use the "armpit of California" when I speak of that putrid city. Maybe sending your letter to their city hall might be worth the cost of the .45 cent...er...46 cent stamp, or whatever it costs to mail a letter these days?
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