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Share Your Favorite Spots / Activities

Martinez is a great place to spend a Saturday or Sunday beginning with a delicious and filling breakfast in one of the dining rooms along Main Street. You can take the train or a bus to get here! There are depots for both that will drop you off and pick you up again right downtown!

When I go downtown for breakfast or a lunch, I really like Victoria's Cafe at 701 Main for their old fashioned diner-style atmosphere and generous meal portions with extra helpings of homey goodness. Next you might enjoy exploring one of the unique shops or antique stores along Main or Ferry Streets, or you might take in one of our popular community activities. One of my favorite shops is Alley Cats Thrift and Collectables at 720 Main St. I'm an old Hippie so I like to read vintage books with a political slant or enjoy the sixties era art and music that I always find at this special store. There is outdoor seating at the Starbucks on Main where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Ever hear about the Martinez Beavers? I'm not sure if they are still there, but over the past few years, we have had a 'celebrated' Beaver family living in a creek viewable from Downtown Martinez. For a while, they were all the rage in local media. I still have my 'Martinez Beavers' bumper sticker on my S10 Chevy Blazer. Go Beavers!

During the summer months we have car shows, a fourth of July parade and fireworks show, a weekly farmer's market, art and craft fairs, and more. On New Year?s Eve we have a big party on Main Street with live entertainment. I saw a Rolling Stones impersonation band one year that simply blew me away!

For lunch, give Bulldog BBQ located at 601 Main Street a try. These guys serve up their tastey treats at some of the community events mentioned in this post.

If you like to fly kites come on down to the Martinez Shoreline Park to enjoy your kite with other flyers on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Some of the regulars are members of the American Kiteflyer's Association (AKA). Here is a video of me and a friend flying our kites last year. I have long hair and am wearing a warm coat. My friend is flying one of my stunt kites with his hands behind his back!

There are many trails and plenty of fresh air to enjoy. You can check out the boats or launch your own at the Marina or wonder out into the wildlife preserve area for some excellent bird watching (bring your binoculars!). The Kids like to feed the ducks and geese at the small lake near the Marina. There are also areas set up with play equipment and a skate board park. I haven't tried it out yet, but I often see large lawn bowling tournements going on in this park as well.

Not far from Downtown Martinez, you can take the new path that permits people to walk (or ride a bike) across the redesigned, reconstructed Martinez/Benicia Bridge. You'll have breathtaking views of the area where the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers come together and pass alongside of what remains of the mothballed WWII fleet or the Martinez Carquinez Strait that eventually empties out into the S.F. Bay.

If you are looking for an interesting day where you'll find a warm and welcoming community, come enjoy the City of Martinez!

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Thanks for the write up. Sounds like my kind of place!
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