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Things to get you through an endless winter

Machete-shooting crossbow
In the event that the world is overtaken by zombies, a 6-foot-long crossbow that shoots machetes isn't going to be my first choice in protection. First of all, it's a little unwieldy to carry and use. As you will see in the video, you are also more likely to injure yourself than you are the target. No, my weapon of choice would definitely be a bazooka that shoots laser-guided chainsaws. YouTube via Nerd Approved

Flame gloves
Is there a point to making gloves that shoot flames? Absolutely not ? I don't care how cold your hands get. The creator of these flame gloves claims that it is the kind of thing that could be integrated into a performer's costume, but they've probably just seen too many superhero movies. Fortunately, I don't think we will be seeing these in Walmart anytime soon. Talking on the cellphone, petting dogs and high-fiving friends could turn into an epic disaster. YouTube via Fashionably Geek

Mini-fridge beer cannon
This homemade mini-fridge beer dispenser is powered by an air cannon, webcam and an ioBridge platform that handles the remote control and monitoring functions. The user simply selects what type of beer they want using an iPhone, then it switches to a targeting view to line up the shot. Ice-cold beers are vended toward increasingly inebriated targets at 50 psi. Whenever alcohol and projectiles get together, good things are bound to happen! YouTube via That's Nerdalicious

Homemade pulse laser gun
This homemade weapon looks like something straight out of a video game, and it isn't far away from a real laser weapon in terms of performance. It's capable of firing a 1-megawatt blast of invisible infrared 1064nm light that's powerful enough to burn through razorblades, plastic and Styrofoam. OK, so we're not going to be taking down any aliens with it (unless those aliens are very Smurf-like), but it's definitely dangerous. YouTube via Nerd Approved

Homemade TSA scanner
If you thought body imaging scanners were unsettling in the hands of the TSA, imagine how bad a portable version would be in the hands of that creepy neighbor across the street. In the video above, Jeri Ellsworth demonstrates that it is possible to make a primitive version of these scanners using feed horns from satellite dishes. The resolution isn't anywhere near what you would find on an expensive TSA model, but just in case you might want to pick up some Fourth Amendment underwear ? and maybe one of those lead-lined vests you get at the dentists office. YouTube via Nerd Approved

Links to YouTube:
Gadgetbox - 10 deadly do-it-yourself gadgets

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Palm Coast is the place t
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While it is true we have hurricanes now and then here in Florida, I still do not miss the snow and real cold. I have not seen real snow for over 18 years now. Come on down, the waters fine!

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I would miss the road salt that's rusting out my Jeep

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