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Denver, CO.
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Sarge's sister Handgrenade Hanna gets him again

Hi sister, How are you?" asks Sarge in the pay phone mouth piece. "Just fine, how nice of you to call me" answers Betty. "Hey sis I'm not doing anything right now, why don't I just drop my and see you?" asks Sarge. "Oh ya just drop by from Colorado and see me, when can I expect you, in three days?" asks Betty "How about 5 min. Sis?" asks Sarge laughing. :"What? OH No you are joking big brother!" "Nope Linda and I are up on the corner" "You are not!" "You are trying to trick me, remember I was a soldier too, I know all your tricks SARGEANT!" replies Betty. "Well let's see. Over there is a Dairy Queen and across from it is a Phillips 66 station and I am standign at the pay phone at a 7-11 store." SCREAMMING IN THE PHONE!!"":You are here!" "You big dumb brother, trying to catch me with my house a mess too, you better take a half an hour to drive that two blocks or I will kill you."yells Sarges sister in the phone.
After a wonderful evening with his sister and her family Sarge and Lt. Linda are tired and sleepy and realize that at 11pm they might not be able to find a hotel with vacancies. "Don't worry big brother, I know the hotels around town and I can get you a room." says little sister. A couple of calls later and she has us a good room and at a good rate. "Just show them your badge when you sign in brother, they are giving us a Police discount. I have been checking this hotel out for a couple of weeks" she states. "Thanks Sis, we will see you tomorrow, Bye" waves Sarge.
As they pull into the parking lot Sarge notices there are a lot of people sitting around the parking lot in and on the cars. "Humm?" he wonders. After checking in he stops at the door and observes the parking lot. Everyone seems very interested in little Linda sitting by herself in the car. Danger Flags start waving in Sarges mind. He quickly walks to the car and opens the trunk. Now Sarge and Lt. Linda both like to trap shoot, so when they go on vacation they bring their shotguns with them. "What are you doing Sarge?" questions Linda. "I am just showing everyone in the parking lot our shotguns." answered Sarge.Sarge opens up the case and pulls the 12 ga shotgun out. "CLACK CLACK!" goes the shotgun. As Sarge works the action. Sarge looks around. The parking lot is empty. "Just what did you do that for?" asks Linda. "I just remembered that my sister is a cop and she mentioned that she had been checking this motel out." says Sarge. "Didn't you see all those perps sitting around the parking lot?" asks Sarge."Of course I did" says Little Linda as she pulls her .38 Smith and Wesson out of her open purse. "Heh heh" let's go hit the sack" "And they do have a real nice swimming pool here for you Hon." chuckled Sarge
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