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Denver, CO.
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Sister number 3 sends Sarge on a trip to no where

How are we going to cross the Mississippi River it we don't use the Freeways Sarge?" asked Lt. Linda. "My sister once said that there is a farmers ferry at St Genevieve, Mo., that crosses the river," answered Sarge "That sounds like fun." said Linda.
Here is the dock, now Linda get some pictures of the car with the ferry in the background" requests Sarge. Sarge hangs out the window of the car and tries to smile for the camera. "You are too close, Linda. back up." yells Sarge.":No! Further back!". All of a sudden Lt. Linda disappears! "Linda! Quit horseing around and take the picture. Linda? OH OH" thinks Sarge and leaps out of the car. There is Lt. Linda with her foot in a hole in the Dock and holding on for dear life.

Sarge grabs her by the arms and pulls her up. "Are you OK? Honey?" " Are you hurt?" asks Sarge."I would have been in the river if it hadn't been for your camera hitting first and snagging me." Linda states.
"My Camera!" "My Camera!" "What did you do to my camera, did you break it?"
"No but if you say one more word about your camera I will break it over your head!" threatens Linda.
Sarge rescues the camera from the hole and checks it out. "First aid kit is in the car if you need it honey." says Sarge. "No but you may need it if you don't help me to the car." exclaims Linda.
"OH YES YES......Help you to the car and just in time here comes the ferry" states Sarge.
The ferry docks and Sarge and Lt. Linda drive on. The old, worn and noisy Ferry engine chugs along with the bow pointed up stream and seeming to never gain any headway against the rollling Big Muddy. "Isn't it beautiful, this river." Linda gushes. "yeh" says Sarge. "What's the matter with
you, Sarge?"asks Linda, "You usually like things like this" "Do you have anything you want to tell me?" "Well yes" says Sarge."Well what?" inquires Linda. "Linda..... did you manage to take the picture before you fell in the hole?" asks Sarge. WHAP,BIFF, BAM,WHAP, OW" "Hey take it easy you are going to tip the ferry over and drown us all." yells Sarge.
Finally the old ferry chugs into the dock and 2 tractors, a manure spreader and a beat up Sarge manage to trundle off to the dock. "Well here we are" says Sarge."But where are we?" asks Linda."There is no road," "There is nothing here but a corn field" she wails."Boy you are sure right on that one, lets get back on the ferry and..... TOOT, TOOT, the ferry says as it backs up into the River and begins it's slow laborous reverse trip to the Missouri side.
"Well what do we do now?" asks Linda. "Cut corn I guess" says Sarge as he steers the car down two ruts in the corn field. After a half hour of corn field driving we finally come out on a gravel road and then find a small town. It's claim to fame is a Court House that was there when the first bridge was built across the Mississippi. From there we find a black top road complete with road signs and white lines and we are back to civilization.
You don't suppose your sister knew about this ferry being a dead end do you Sarge? I think she planned it that way Sarge replied.
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