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Misplaced Energies

Since late 2010 I've voted daily in the Pepsi Refresh Project which awards over a million $$$ a month to what are overwhelmingly good causes.

The choices are wide ranging and initiated by people rather than Pepsi. I do a bit of triage in making my picks because for me blankets for the homeless or funding no kill animal rescue trumps frivolous uses like new athletic uniforms.

That's just me and I'd expect others to have their own priorities.To participate just go to;
Current Leaders - Pepsi Refresh Project
and sign in at the bottom left. I use the leaderboard page to make my choices since those ideas are the most likely to have the support to win.

I learned about this project through an email from some Progressive group and the first month I dutifully voted for their choices. Most were good ones but a few have tested my frustration factor with their poorly thought out ideas or the project itself.

I should mention I'm Minnesotan born and I've been to Duluth and would love to support the community.

but not by this

Celebrate Hip Hop Culture with an Educational Festival
Avalon Educational Institute

I was a bit surprised Duluth even has a hiphop culture but I dug further because of the educational and artistic claims of the person backing this project.

I looked up Avalon Educational Institute
Non-Profit Organization ? Duluth, Minnesota on Facebook,
Avalon Educational Institute - Non-Profit Organization - Duluth, MN | Facebook and on their homepage,
Avalon Educational Institute

Their project is in the $10,000 tier and they describe it as;

Specifically, my idea will help Educate our community about the beauty of Hip Hop Culture
I believe my idea is unique and innovative because It will bring together diverse sub-cultures in one multi-purpose event
One thing that might surprise people about my idea is Our proposed festival is just one small piece of a multi-tiered arts project
Really? A multi-tiered arts project?

not quite.

The "Avalon Educational Institute" 'teaches' pole dancing, belly dancing, hiphop, salsa & martial arts.

These probably help kids get off the streets but I don't think they're worth $10K in the present state of financial woes.

Instead I chose;

Purchase material to make blankets for the homeless in our community.
Blessing of Blankets

Rescue healthy, adoptable animals being put to death in shelters
Kristine Gard

Buy food to fill a local food pantry.

Grow food for the hungry residents in Bucks County Pennsylvania!
Sandra Munz

Fund programming for Camp Spifida; a camp for kids with spina bifida.
Camps for Spiffy-Kyds, Inc.

Your own choices are up to you. Voting takes 5 minutes a day unless like me you're on dialup and need 20 minutes.

Vote for what you like but please consider the good it can do when you cast your votes.
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