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Green Smoothies

I guess this could fall under health/fitness as well, but IMO thats just one of the side benefits.

So, what is a green smoothie you might ask? Well, for starters lets briefly cover whats in a 'smoothie' itself. Smoothies are pretty much just a concoction of fruits (normally banana based) and some ice blended together. Think of it as a whole fruit slurpee of sorts.

Sounds good so far right? Well, now we get to the 'green' part of your smoothie - this is accomplished by adding (well) greens themselves! Im talking about things like spinach, and kale, and collards etc. Basically any (dark) green leafys that you would ordinarily never touch with a 10 foot pole (or at least for me)
The best part about it is you dont even taste the greens in your concoctions! I have been blown away at how easy (and delicious) green smoothies are, and the best part is I am making better choices in my diet.

I didnt initally start out with the goal of 'being healthy', I just knew that my fruit and veggie intake was seriously lagging. About the only veggies I got in my diet were the processed ones that came cooked in the meal or out of a can. And my family is notorious for making poor 'snack choices' as well (thus leading me to temptation) So, I went and picked up one of those 'Magic Bullet' personal blender things for about $50 (just to see if smoothies were for me)

Wow, what a difference! Now when I get a hankering for something 'sweet' I go and throw some banana, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, peaches, apricots (in any given combination - no I havent tried all of them at once) with a splash of some Pom juice and OJ - as opposed to some ice cream or cookies etc. (Better choices)

They are great for breakfast, or even a snack when I am waiting to start dinner or as a yummy dessert. I love them so much in fact I plan to upgrade myself to a Blendtec blender. (Price tag not for the weary) But boy will it be worth it!

So, if you have a curiousity in smoothies and how surprisingly awesome blended fruit can taste (and mask the taste of nasty greens) then I would suggest getting a cheap blender (or even a magic bullet) to see if its for you. Im sure you will agree that smoothies are awesome and green smoothies are just downright addictive!
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