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Raw Milk

My wife and I were both raised on raw milk as was our son. Our parents usually kept a Jersey cow when we were kids. My mother made buttermilk, butter and cottage cheese from raw milk as well.

I was reminiscing about raw milk products with a friend that kept cows and he said he would give me some milk. He gave me three gallons and it turns out that my wife and son had gotten above their raising and thought it smelled like a cow. I made cottage cheese from the milk but they wouldn't eat it either.

With too much cottage cheese on hand I wondered what to do with it. I searched for a cheesecake recipe that used cottage cheese and made a cheesecake. A real baked cheesecake as opposed to a Sarah Lee cream cheese clone. A French friend ate a piece of the cheesecake and exclaimed, "Mister, that is the real thing!"

How I long for raw milk as battles rage in my state over whether I should be permitted to purchase it. A cow might be my only option, but then I would have too much milk as those Jersey cows deliver about three gallons of milk per day as I recall.

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i was raised on both raw cow milk and raw goat milk. living in the city, we never had any farm animals, but my grandmother was often buying from local farmers. to this day i prefer goat milk to cow milk (and it's easier to digest too) and i love stinky cheese

that was in a different time though. today i wouldn't buy raw milk from a random farmer that may or may not feed their animals something weird. so yeah, maybe your only option is to have your own cow...
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