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Steaks on the grill!

Last Christmas was a hit when I grilled up some steaks instead of the boring old ham or re-played turkey. Beercan/soda chicken isn't so hot these days either. It has been decided (not that I mind) that my grill will be working Christmas again!

Basically took some choice cuts, chosen by the people eating them, "rubbed" with a rendition of Montreal seasoning and garlic, thrown on hot for the grill marks and then slow roasted to about 140* internal temp, 160 for well-done. Also did some cube steak and burgers for those that can't chew or cut, and some chicken tenderloins, and accented with grilled veggies and squash and also garlic with olive oil.

Even the people who are hard to please and decided to be adventurous with cuts they never had and grilled veggies were amazed at something so easy to cook up!

Let's hear some good recipes!!!

(It's easy to put up with the most difficult family and friends, even the uninvited, when you can cook for them. Some sort of magic...)

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Here is a recipe that I cooked up in deer camp that was a big hit with most of the guys.

You need

1 whole pork loin
2 or 3 large sweet onions
2 cans of your favorite beer
1 bottle of sweet base BBQ sauce
1 bottle of vinegar base BBQ sauce
1 or 2 rolls of thick aluminum foil

Make a boat out of the aluminum foil two or three layers thick. (you may need to make 2 boats & cut the loin in half if your grill is not long enough)
Cut up onions into rings & line the boats bottom.
If you have an injector use it to inject the vinegar based BBQ sauce into the loin.
If not use a small knife to poke holes into the loin then turn the knife at right angle & pouring the BBQ sauce into the cuts before pulling the knife out.
Lay the injected loin on the bed of onions in the boat bone side down.
Prep the grill for direct grilling at med. heat.
Lay the boats with the loin in them right on the grate, pour the beer over the loin & into the bottom of the boat. Top the loin off with the sweet BBQ sauce & cover with a full sheet of aluminum foil. Crimp the edges of the foil to the bottom boat to seal in the steam.
Cook for about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Until the internal temp reaches 160 degrees F.
Take off of the grill & let cool 10 min. or so before cutting.
The meat will be very moist, top with some of the caramelized onions and more BBQ sauce.
It will feed 10 to 12 real hungry hunters.

Something that would go great with this recipe is;
Open-Pit Roasted Sweet Ear Corn

You need

One ear of sweet corn per person still in husk
1 clean 5 gal bucket
1 cup of salt
1 cup of sugar
4 gal of water

Cut husk on silk end even with the end of the cob
Mix in bucket water, salt, sugar until dissolved
Submerge ears of corn in bucket until bubbles stop coming up from the ends of the ears
Let soak in bucket for 2hrs
Prep roasting pit by lining with heavy duty aluminum foil (pit needs to be long enough to set ears side by side & 2” wider than the longest ear)
Fill with enough coals make a single layer & light, let burn until all coals are white & level out.
Place ears right on the coals & place a single sheet of aluminum foil over the corn, hold down with a couple rocks on each end
Turn ears ? turn every 5min. until all the husk are totally scorched
Holding the stem end with a rag peel back the remaining husk & coat with butter, salt & pepper to taste.

The guys at deer camp liked this one too.
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