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It's settled. I am moving to Fort Collins; But where?

Hello all,

I have decided to move to Fort Collins. However, I would appreciate some guidance on areas I should avoid living. I will be living on a fixed income, so I will only be able to afford about $700 a month rent. I am looking for an apartment that allows small dogs. I have seen a few (1 and 2 bedrooms) on Craigslist listed in that range, but there seems to be much more offered at this price in Loveland and Greenly. Concerning these last two areas, I have heard there is a very strong odor to reckon with from a nearby slaughter house. Is it really that bad? Are there other negatives I should consider about these two areas? Can you suggest other towns near Fort Collins that I should look into?


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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Greeley is the place you're talking about and it's a farm town so it's not one slaughterhouse, it's hundreds of farms and dozens of slaughterhouses. Also, there's a serious gang problem involving illegals. Three types of people live in Greeley: rich farm owners, Mexican gangbangers, and college students who didn't get into either CU or CSU. Don't move there if you don't want to hate Northern Colorado.

Loveland is alright, but there's not much going for it. It's basically where all the businesses Fort Collins doesn't want goes to, such as industries and such. Also, not much to do and no nightlife if that's your thing. I don't know much else about it as I have no reason to ever go there.

South Fort Collins is kind of like mini-Colorado Springs....lots of middle-class homes and strip malls and all that jive. Boring, but a nice place with lots of places to shop for stuff. Around campus is going to be where you'll find the most cheap apartments (surprise) and also lots of cheaper smaller businesses and tons of places to eat (Old Town is just north of campus area). Also, almost all of the bars are in the Old Town area. North Fort Collins can be a little ghetto. East Fort Collins is much like South Fort Collins only more houses, less businesses.

If you're a little more country, Laporte, just ~5 miles north of Fort Collins might be your style and I think living there is super cheap, though it's a pretty small town, so you'd have to make the drive to Fort Collins for just about everything.

Other little towns like Windsor, Severance, Ault, I only know are very rural areas and 10-30 miles outside of Fort Collins.

That's just about everything I can tell you in general about the areas around here.
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